Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deals and Steals - 9/8

I apologize for my Coach post yesterday.  I heard from some friends that the link didn't work.  Darnit, I was afraid of that!

My Thursday is off to an okay start.  I'm wearing a new blouse, which new clothes always put me in a good mood, and it's a sunny morning.  I remembered from reading in the newspaper that Top Shop opens in Chicago today! I'm super excited!  I've never been to one, but always come across items I like from there in magazines.  While walking from the train to work I realized I forgot to move the pork from the fridge to the Crockpot, which was supposed to be tonight's entree, pull pork. Bummer!  Luckily I already have a backup plan.  The pulled pork will just have to wait until tomorrow. My morning started to look better when I was greeted by these at my cube:

Gorgeous flowers (I think Dahlias?).  Granted they're not from H, rather my elderly coworker, but they're still pretty.  (Don't worry, he's not hitting on me or anything.  There are three woman on our floor of the office and he sometimes brings in little treats for us).  I also received an email from my friend, M, who got married last weekend.  They're honeymooning the same place H and I did.  Before their trip we mentioned that if they like the resort, we should do a couples trip in the future.  It'd be neat for us both to go back and have the resort have special meaning for all of us.  So M sent a quick email saying that they absolutely love it and she's anxious to plan another trip with us. Yay!

Anywho, now to my finds:
  • Kindle Daily Deal: a new e-book on sale everyday at Amazon
  • Banana Republic: Today only, in store from 5-8p, take 40% off all regular priced items (Ugh, this could be bad considering I have to go tonight to return a dress I bought to return it within the 60-day policy)
  • Gap: 20% off, today only with this code: XNVBPCDKTBGK (It's a one-time use code, FYI)


  1. Where did they open the top shop at?! I went to the one in Edinburgh, Scotland a couple years ago and loved it!! 'bout damn time they brought one here! :)

  2. Smitten, Top Shop is on Michigan Ave across the street from Water Tower, on the corner. It's in the location where Borders used to be!


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