Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

Has is really been 10 years since the fateful day that changed our nation so quickly?  It's hard to believe.  Like so many others, I remember where I was (Mr. Weber's math class) "when the world stopped turning" and how I heard the news (our high-school principle via the school's loudspeaker).
Being from the Midwest and only a sophomore in high school at the time, I didn't really know anyone in the towers; except for a few classmates with parent's there for work, etc. but the thought of something so extreme happening was still mind-numbing and unthinkable. I remember watching tv the remainder of the day at school then coming home, sitting on the green leather recliner, with my eyes glued to the tv and buckets of tears dripping down my face.

In college when I babysat for a family who was living in NYC in 2001; hearing their experiences from the day gave me goosepimples (they lived on the Upperside but still described how eerie the city was).  I also met the family's ex-nanny; who still lives in the Bronx.  In 2001 she wasn't a nanny; but worked in a daycare center a few blocks from WTC.  She remembers everything that happened, the planes striking, the fear and confusion, and on top of dealing with her own reactions, trying to accommodate the 18 children in her class.  It was after 9/11 that she decided she never wanted to be responsible for so many lives at one time again and decided to become a nanny instead.

Oscar, our dog, was restless this morning so I took him out on the deck and we sat in the sun; just kind of reflecting on what happened the day and on the computer reading websites with people's recollections.  I'll share some of my favorite articles I came across/that friends have shared:
The address, "Nine Eleven." is spelled in wrought iron behind T.J. Hargrave in a photo taken in the 1980s.
Picture of Hargrave's father; read the address on the stairs
My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those who lost loved ones ten years ago today.  As well as the many children who never got to meet their parent, the emergency personnel who did what they could to save lives and the many that had their own lives take.  God bless you all.

Oscar, lazily enjoying the morning

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