Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Becoming parents...

So sitting here eating my leftover Roots pizza from Sunday....

I have some really exciting news; we may be becoming parents!!  Okay no, not parents of a human (or an alien:O), but we have applied to be foster parents for the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue (CEBR).  We’ve talked about this several times and when Ben recently said he thought we should do it; I pulled the trigger and applied.  One of the founders of CEBR is Molly, who also runs UrbanReTreat and she watched Oscar the week we were in CO.  We were at an advantage since she’s already meet Osc and saw him interact with other bullies (Molly herself has several).  Ben and I came up with a list of concerns and questions and called Molly, who said that she thinks Oscar will be a great foster-brother.

We’re now moving on from the paper application and having approval from our landlord to have another dog in the apartment (which he immediately said yes, yay!) and vet approval, to a phone and home interview.  I’m really excited for this opportunity since it will be a way for Ben and I to “volunteer” together.  Plus the organization and it’s volunteers seems like a great network of people.  A lot of the members are also active with Chicago English Bulldog Meetup on meetup.com which we’ve taken part of a few times.  It’s usually once a month that a whole gaggle of bulldogs get together and play at places like indoor doggie parks, dog beach, etc.  It is hilarious! Some pictures from past meetups:

This may have been Oscar's first meetup;  way back when he was still a puppy, about 5 months old?

This meetup was from Valentines and I think there ended up being something like 71 bulldogs total that attended! Awesomeness! 

Naturally, I’m also a bit nervous too.  Oscar is really a good dog when he’s with Ben and I; however, often times around gets he forgets his manners and is quite rambunctious.  I’m hoping that we wouldn’t teach fosters any bad habits.  I’m also excited/nervous to have a foster placed in a home.  That’s the whole point of foster/adoption, but it’s hard to judge just how easily attached Ben and I and especially Oscar will become to any fosters that come our way.

I’ll keep you posted on the status of everything!

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