Thursday, October 13, 2011

Race Photos

Whether it's fuels garbage left in the street (I work near where the course was and Tuesday when I went out to lunch there was still a few remnants of race trash here and there) or signs on the El; the marathon is still present to me everyday, but slowly fading.  We got emails today with race pics and of course I'm bummed that I don't have any of me at the finish, I do have 2 that show I at least attempted and one with me running.

SIL and I before the race. (Man, my face looks chunky in this pic.) I'm wearing a 2007 Turkey Trot race shirt from my hometown.  As we were walking to gear check I had a guy comment, "hey Quad Cities! I'm from there, nice shirt".  I'm hoping he was more excited that I was from the QC than the shirt, because I purposely wore the shirt to keep warm pre-race and then discarded it once we started.

Me (in blue) trucking along in Old Town neighborhood.  This would be have been just after mile 10.

H emailed me saying he got some good pics.  However, this was the only one he sent me and he titled it "Creeper". Lol, that's him in the maroon

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