Thursday, October 13, 2011

Preparing to Camp

First, I have to give a shout out to myself, I made it up passed 9:30pm last night. Seriously, how ridiculous is that?  I didn't really realize how grueling and taxing marathon day was on my body, but up until last night, I've pretty much been sleeping by 8:30pm every night.  I guess my body was really drained.  Now I'm just hoping that I can continue to recover so that I can make it through the wedding I'm in next weekend (which I'm UBER excited for!).  Second shout out is that I can now walk down stairs without looking the a grandma.  My quads are feeling better again (no more needing to use the rail in the handicap stall to go to the bathroom), although now the soreness is moving to my hamstrings and especially behind my knees.  If it weren't raining today, I may even consider doing a short run after work to see how things feel.

We’re gearing up for the packing trip, or I should say I am? I’ve done most of the organizing and shopping thus far (which is fine. I like things in order).  Last night I had planned for us to stop my brothers to grab some camping items.  H thought the trip was pointless.  Little events like this really illustrate the difference between H’s personality and my own. Our conversation during dinner:

Me:  We need to get their lantern, sleeping bags, cast iron skillet etc.
H:  We don’t really need any of that; we have blankets already, a grill and my headlamp flashlight (<mind you this headlamp doesn’t work since it needs new batteries).
Me:  Oh crap, I need to add the tin foil to our stuff for the weekend.
Him:  What?  Tin foil…why would we need that?
Me:  In case we want to make baked potatoes or I saw this recipe for grilled bananas…
Him:  All we really need for camping is some beer and a tent

Ha, typical. So there you have it, me-the perpetual planner and H-the go with the flow kinda guy.  However, I guarantee that when we’re eating our caramelized banana desserts, H will think they’re delicious and probably still some bites from mine too :O)

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