Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Monday (+deals)

Happy Monday!  Somehow, I’m surprisingly perky this Monday…perhaps it’s because I had a great weekend or it could be due to the new outfit I’m wearing.  I think it’s a combination of both.

Babysitting Friday night went really well and we had a ton of fun.  We decorated and created our “under the sea” creatures for about two hours.  At one point while we were sitting at the table coloring, M (the 5yr old boy...I mistakenly said in my post Friday he's 4.  Gosh, where does the time go?!) turns me to and says “I’m having so much fun.  I love coloring.  Thank you for bringing all of this stuff over Hannah”.  Bless his heart.  It was adorably sweet.  Here are some of our creations:

E's sign on the door:

The supplies (tulle, ribbon, paper plates and bowls, goggly eyes, and ribbon)

Our ocean!

Despite all of the fun we had with making our ocean and other games, the funniest part of the night was bedtime.  After we’d read our stories and were just talking with the lights out and nightline on, the kids started to come up with a list of crafts we could make each month to hang from the canopy bed frames; December – Santa and reindeer, January – snowflakes, February – hearts and cupid, etc. The kids decided to sleep in one of the beds together (the room has two full beds) and were still pretty hyper when I said my goodnights. I went out to the living room to clean up and after five minutes I was still hearing giggles and talking, so I went in the room and said that it was time to go to bed and if they kept talking, they were going to have to each sleep in their own bed.

A few minutes later, E (7yr old girl), comes out of the room bawling.  I run over and ask what’s wrong. E: “M just hit me so hard he knocked out my loose tooth”, intense sobbing, “and now I just dropped it on the floor and I can’t find it”.  We locate it on the floor (as well as a few drops of blood, eww).  I put the tooth in a ziplock bag for her to put under the pillow for the tooth fairy (oh the days of innocence) and we stuff some Kleenex on the spot in her mouth to help with the bleeding.  She’s calmed down now and thankfully this isn’t the first tooth she’s lost.  (It’s her fifth, but who’s counting besides her?)

So far I was at first terrified and now I’m trying not to laugh, not at the kids, but at what a ridiculous and random situation it is.  M stays in the bedroom and as I go in to talk to him.  Just at that time, the parents get home.  It’s 11pm, the kids aren’t sleeping and E is bleeding. Grrrreat, I think.  Thankfully, the parents are the most down to earth, carefree kind of people you will ever meet.  Plus, they’ve had a few cocktails at dinner.  We all run to greet them at the door.  E tells the story of what happened and I can tell Mom and Dad are trying not to laugh.  I look at M and say, “did you tell E you were sorry for hitting her?”.  His response “Well no, but she should be happy.  I helped her tooth fall out”. LOL.  At this point, all five of us start cracking up. Funniest moment ever. I absolutely love and adore this family.

Friendsgiving on Saturday was just as fun.  Our friend cooked the turkey at her place and we all brought over a dish and drink to share.  Surprisingly, all of the food (and drink) was delicious!  As one of the girls commented, it turns out well when every person has one thing they know how to make and choose to focus on rather than one person trying to rush to make everything.  So, now that it’s passed, I can share our (amateur) beer labels for Ben’s sweet potato beer (which is awesome by the way).

We just designed them in Powerpoint with clip-art,  printed on regular computer paper and used my paper cutter to get them down to size.  We attached the labels to the bottles using my hot glue gun. I think for once Ben was grateful for the craft items I have throughout the apartment.  However, we did have a little debate on who came up with the name, Sweet Spud Ale...because I know I did and he says he did.  We came to the truce that he’d thought of using the word “spud” somewhere in the name and that I had come up with Sweet Spud.

I also made the Peanut Butter Oreo Brownies, but spruced them up with candy corn (after they came out of the oven, don't bake with the candy corn) to turn them into a festive treat:

Enough about my weekend, here are some sales!:
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