Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday's OOTD and my new fall coat!

Yesterday I actually remembered to take pics of my outfit of the day, as well as a new coat I picked up over the weekend and totally forgot!  Well, I remembered but got busy...I think it was the combination of the rain, the cold and the darkness, but I got in a bake-frenzy and decided to make both banana bread and pumpkin muffins last night, in addition to realizing we needed to move the car for street cleaning last minute (It happens about every 6 weeks here and I think in the 2.5 years we've lived together we've gotten 3 $50 tickets for forgetting to movie it.).  So now I'm rambling...I'll share my OOTD/purchase and post my baking later!

Dress: Mac & Jac (purchased from
Cardigan: Loft (from Spring)
Tights: Merona (Target)
Heels: Nine West (purchased at TJ Maxx for $25!)

My attempt to get a picture of my necklace
 (which I don't love with this outfit but was in a hurry):
Necklace: Vintage (antique store; purchased in high school)

I have a light pink mid-length layered necklace I debated wearing instead...but I thought it was kind of too matchy-match with the gray cardigan. Maybe time time I'll do the pink necklace with a black cardi

The sleeves are little cap sleeves:

Tuesday's OOTD:

Now for my big purchase!  I think I'd posted last week about needing a better fall coat.  It's been embarrassing wearing dresses and a North Face fleece on the train.  Friday afternoon I had my ear specialist appointment (which by the way was pointless; the dr essentially said it's on it way to healing and that inner ear infections can sometimes take up to two months to completely heal) and it was a lot shorter than I had anticipated.  I was done at 2pm and had already filed my work hours for the week, so I decided to take advantage of being downtown and look for a new coat.

Earlier in the morning I'd told one of my friends that I was about ready to say screw it and just splurge on a Burberry trench.  It'd be something classic and of good just maybe I could convinced myself it'd be worth a thousand dollars.  I mean I have splurged on a few other clothing/accessory items in my life and put them to good use over a long time.  I bought my first pair of designer in 2006 and still have them (granted now they're worn thin and have a few little holes).  Although, since then I've gotten smart and only by them at discount places like N. Rack or during sales.  I also have my Tory Burch Reva's that I still wear two years after purchasing them.  And lastly I bought myself a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 bag for my 25th birthday in May.  (I took the idea from my friend's family, who has 3 girls and each girl gets to pick out a designer bag for her 25th birthday).  However, even with the Louie, I did my research and ended up having my parents/sister buy it when they were in Europe (With the difference in VAT refund (taxes are already incorporated in prices there so tourists can file for a refund) and 10.25% sales tax in Chicago, it was about $180 cheaper in the end to have them buy it in Paris than for me to buy in Chicagon).

Okay, so I digress.  I spent a good hour or so looking at Burberry on the internet Friday but knew I just couldn't take the plunge, especially since we're trying to save for a trip to Europe and (eventually) a down payment on a place.  So the coat I bought wasn't hundreds of dollars; of even a hundred dollars. 

On Saturday afternoon I went out to do some errands.  My sister and I had both wanted to attempted to sew sequins on a striped t-shirt so I was out and about looking for the perfect tee.  I went to a shopping complex with TJ's, Marshalls and Old Navy.  I thought that maybe Old Navy would be a good place to find the shirt.  When I talked in I saw the signs for 50% off all outerwear.  Normally I don't think Old Navy clothing is that great of quality...but my eyes fell upon this coat and it was love (or more like lust).  Then I remembered that two winter coats ago I'd had a puffy down coat from ON for two seasons that actually held up well and was super warm.  Checking the price this coat was originally $90, but was $45 with the half off sale (actually it's still 50% off online right now):

I decided to go for it.  When I went up to the register and pulled out my Gap card, the cashier pulled out a Friends and Family coupon (I'm glad she did b/c I'd left mine on the counter at home) the promo gave me an additional 30% off the coat. The final cost of the coat with tax: $34.53! Cha-ching! (full price would have been $98.67).  And that my friends, is how shopping is done :O) 

Here I am in the coat (as you can see; it's really not a red as described online. More of a fall/deep orange):

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  1. Wow I love that coat. Great find! I am heading over to right now..


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