Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wilco (+deals)

Good morning.  I have a feeling this week is going to kick my butt and it’s already started. 

Last night we had Wilco tickets, so after work I went home and took Oscar for a nice long walk (long for him equals about a mile; ah, the ease of a bulldog owner). I gave him dinner before heading back downtown to meet Ben for the show.  We ended up deciding to grab drinks and dinner at South Branch.  It’s opened about a year or so ago near my office and while I’ve gotten carryout there for lunch a handful of times, I’ve never got drinks there.  As usual, even at 6pm it was crowded but luckily Ben beat me there and got a table spot.  I had the Santa Fe wrap and it was absolutely delicious; but it was a bit cold.  I’m not sure if that’s how it’s meant to be served or if it was slow getting to us, but either way, it was tasty.

Ben graciously offered to pay for dinner and drinks, and then suggested that I cover tip.  I had exactly $11 in my wallet (which is a rarity; usually neither of us carry any cash. For example, last week we went to the library together and I realized I had a $5.60 fine I had to pay before checking out anything.  Between Ben and I, we were only able to scrounge up $3.85).  I said sure, but noted that we may need cash later.  Ben shrugged it off and say “naw, just use it for the tip”. Man, were we wrong. The venue for Wilco last night (the first of five shows in Chicago in 7 days) was at the Civic Opera House.  It is amazingly gorgeous.  The architecture is just stunning and as one would think, the sound is fantastic.  

It was quite an eclectic group of people.  We saw teenagers as well as couples who looked like they were in their sixties.  However, one of the binding similarities they all had, that we didn’t have, was beer.  It was a cash only bar AND the only atm close by was outside the venue…which of course you couldn’t access after you’d entered the venue.  Man, what a terrible set up. Thus, my comment to Ben about “maybe needing cash later” was completely valid.  If we’d had that cash we could have gotten two drinks. Boo.  Oh well, despite not having any more drinks, the show was really good.  The set and lighting features were mystifying; seriously trance-like; SO cool! They had strands of what looked like fabric hanging all over.  Some of the fabric was covering a light bulb and would illuminate to the beat and then there were also lights that shone on the strands and changed color.  This isn't my picture (no cameras and my phone was dead), but I wanted to illustrate what the set up was.

We got home around 11:30 and were in bed by midnight, much later than my typical 10pm lights out. This morning I woke up at 6:13am naturally, realizing that I’d had my phone on silent from the show…so my 5:31am alarm hadn’t done me any good.  So, not only am I pooped from last night, and was rushed getting ready, tonight is our holiday work party. Another late night.  We’ll have to see how late I can survive.  To be honest, I may just stay for the dinner and sneak out after.  Wish me luck!

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