Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh Mr.

Change is something I’ve never dealt with particularly well, but it obviously is a fact of life.  Maybe that’s why Ben and I dated for so long or why I never changed majors in college?  Or perhaps from both of those examples, things were just meant to be? 

Although I like things structured and well organized, I’ve also recognized that you have to just be able to go with the flow; so I’ve been surprised about the mixed emotions I’ve felt with the transition of my sister moving abroad for six months.  Last Thursday, she departed for her adventure in Reading, England (about 30 minute train ride west of London) for her company.  The past few days, just knowing she’s not living in Iowa, have been really bizarre!!

We talked briefly the night before she left, but it was obvious she was stressed and didn’t want to devote a ton of time to the conversation, so we said our goodbyes after a few minutes and when I hung up, I thought I was going to cry. 

(Side story: I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not, but we call each other Mr. or Missy.  When we were younger (two year difference) and I was crueler, I used to call her Mr. Sister and tell her she was a boy.  She’d run to my parents crying and they’d have to convince her she was a girl.  Looking back, now we joke about it and the nickname was born.  So, when I refer to Mr. just think: “ohh, it’s her sister”

Our relationship has truly only improved as we get older.  Gone are the days of screaming at each other and the cat biting one of us to get us to stop (I kid you not; this happened all.the.time. when we were younger and left home alone.  We would argue and fight and then bam, out of nowhere the cat would bite someone and that person would be upset and the other one of us would do the consoling).  Anyways, now that we’re out of the house, out of college and on our own, we get a long much better.

Typically M-F, we’d call each other after work and talk while on our way home.  Every day (usually).  Now that’s gone.  The first thing I did went I got off work last Thursday was try to call her and then realized I couldn’t. Weird.  She really has become my best girlfriend over the past years and now it’s so strange to not be able to reach her whenever I want.

However, Friday I was pleasantly surprised to receive a text from a random number and area code I’ve never seen; it was Mr!!  She took her ipone with her to the UK and although she can’t use it for phone service (stupid Verizon and anti-SIM cards), she was able to find an app that assigned her a US phone number and allows her to text at no cost; provided that she’s able to get wireless internet.  We spent a good portion of the evening texting.

On top of that, of course there’s emailing, but I’m a millennial. I want things immediately, like responses from Mr. So, texting is working out as our best method of communication for now; although it’s not always immediate and there’s a six hour time difference, I can cope. 

We also plan on Skyping, and my dad gave me a camera at Christmas, but I have get to pick up a microphone.  I find it funny that my parents (baby boomers) both already are familiar with Skyping and I’ve never-ever done it. Funny how things work out.

Anywho, it’s going to be an interesting six months without her in the US but I know it’s the chance of a lifetime for her and I’m so excited for her experiences to come.  Another bonus about her having left is that Ben and I’s Europe trip and becoming more and more real (which also means more stressing about planning; but as you may have picked up, I thrive on having something to plan for).

From our holiday Trolley, Dec 2011

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