Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colored Pant: Fail

Last night, in pursuit of utilizing my 40% off and $20 rewards credit for Gap; I stopped in American Eagle and Gap.

Now, back in the day, like middle school, I used to own over half of every t-shirt set that came out. Nowadays, the last time I bought some at AE was in Sept '10...and it was supposed to be boxer's for Ben before our honeymoon (he likes that theirs have the elastic band waist to wear with swim trunks) and I found a necklace for myself.

So, 1.5 years later, I attempted to by some colored skinny jeans and it was an ultimate fail.  My legs are too muscular for skinnies; especially colored. Yuck, my unfortunate legs (and these are size 8 and they're super tight. Yikes):

AE Teal Skinny

AE Red Skinny

AE Black Skinny - I'm even returning the black,
which aren't as bad but I still think there's better out there

At Gap I was able to find the dress I wanted.  They didn't have a size 4; which I think I could do, so I got the size 6.  It's just a tinge loss in the top, but with the style of the dress, I think a loser fit is okay.  Besides, after trying it on again, the size 6 gives me the length I need so I get wear it to work.  No pics from me, but here's the website pic.

The best part is, that after my rewards and 40% off, the dress was $30. Nice find since I can layer this with tights, sweater or blazer and boots for spring, and flats or sandals into summer.

I bought two pairs of the colored khakis (which came to $29 after 30% off and rewards), but I've decided to return both pairs as well.  I'd rather save my spend or spend more on a pair/fit that I love, rather than a pair that are blah, just to get some colored pants!

Gap Salmon/Coral Khakis, Size 4

Gap Cobalt Khakis, Size 4

And now that you see my dilemma with pants; it's no wonder I tend to flock to skirts and dresses.  It's so much easier to find some that fit me.

I also want to point out what a difference it is looking in the mirror at something you're wearing verses taking a picture and looking back at it.  For whatever reason, it seems to give a more "real" look.

Looks like I have some returns to make!


  1. I feel your pain! I can never find pants that fit! And I will only wear skinny jeans if I tuck them into boots... my body was not made for them, haha!

  2. True! Boots atleast semi-help! But in this case, these guys are going back!

  3. Try Old Navy! I have had some good luck with their Rockstar Jeggings... I got the hot pink ones a couple of weeks ago! Also, H&M have really cute colored pants too!

  4. Nice ass


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