Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

I totally forgot to post about the anticipated Jason Wu Collection coming out at Target this past weekend!

If you don’t remember, Jason design Michelle Obama’s dress for the inaugural ball.

The collection went on sale at 12:00am Sunday and in stores at open.  I remember around 9:30am Sunday morning when I got out of bed, but of course everything was sold out online.  However, yesterday I realized that they’re randomly updating their online inventory, so if you check back throughout the day and this week; you made be able to snag some stuff.

I am really clueless on the sizing; so anytime there is something in one of the sizes I think I could wear, I order it.  I am up to three separate orders now and could have more if more sizes become available!  This is what I’d getting (and hoping it will fit):
Size Medium

Size Small

Size 6

The other annoying this is that so many people take advantage of collections like this and buy them soley for the purpose of reselling and making a profit.  One of the $30 shirts I liked is on local Craiglist for $90; same with the pink dress I ordered; it was $39.99 and is on ebay for $99!

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