Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Wknd Recap

Okay, so I owe you a weekend recap.

Friday night was low key and nothing to really write about.  We were both exhausted and Ben had been suffering from a cold so we decided to stay in for a movie.  We did something we rarely ever do….got delivery!  If you live in Chicago area, or if you ever come to visit and want a cheap delicious dinner, then Penny’s Noodles is your place. There are several locations and most are BYOB, which is fabulous.  Ben and I can go there and get an appetizer and two entrees for about $20 (minus wine we bring).  I highly recommend the Lad Nar or the Spicy Basil with chicken (although to warn you, the Spicy Basil portion is huge! I can get two or three meals out of it).  We watched Our Idiot Brother, rented from the library.  It wasn’t all the great but it was more complex than your typical comedy.  The main characture, Paul Rudd, is let out of jail and struggles to find where he fits in among his family of three sisters.

Saturday was busy busy busy!

We woke up and drove to the gym, which is pretty much ridiculous because we live 3 blocks from it. But, after the gym we returned the movie to the library and went to Target to exchange my curtain rod (remember last week I had bought the wrong size?) and also to pick up ingredients for the weekends festivities.  Guess what?! I bought the wrong friggin size curtain rod AGAIN.  I obviously don’t do well when rushed and under pressure. 

The ILs were in town for SIL’s birthday so we met at her house and then went to Bad Apple (again!) for lunch.  I got the same Black n Blue burger (with bleu cheese), but opted for the truffle fries this time. Amazing.  After lunch, I’m not sure how we mananged because we were all stuffed, but we had cupcakes at SILs house.

Our first summer we drove by this adorable shop called Molly’s Cupcakes on Clark St.  It was so charming, like an old fashioned fountain shop AND it had swings at the counter top in place of seats, that we went in. 

(from google)
On the inside:
(From google)

We were terribly disappointed.  While the ambiance of the shop was dreamy, the cupcakes were a nightmare so we never went back.  However, we must have caught them on a fluke that first time we tried it because SIL’s husband had gotten a variety pack of Molly’s Cupcakes and they were amazing!

After leaving SILs, we went back to our apt and had our friends come over (the couple who lives in IA and we went to their cabin in WI last wknd).  They’d come up for the Wine and Cheese party Saturday night.  Us girls got all dolled up.  This included curling my hair, a rariety for me, and wearing lipstick, even more more for me, but I’d stopped into Walgreens on Friday and come across a Wet’n’Wild sale.  On sale for $1.99 and then a coupon on the lipstick for an instant dollar off.  For $0.99, it was worth a try!  After getting ready we headed over with our wine and cheese.

Oh, actually, I should mention, this is what Ben wore. 
Yep; I am MARRIED to THIS man people!
(PS- the shirt was a gift from FIL to Ben at Christmas; I’m not really sure why??)

This is what I wore:
This Max and Cleo Jersey Dress (purchased at Vonmaur)

Black tights
Black Corso Como Patent Pumps (purchased at Vonmaur)
Wet'n'Wild Lipstick shade #267
Black bangle
and these earrings from F21(but with black/gold tone metal and pinkish stones):

The party itself was fun and I was really impressed with how many people dressed up for the occasion.  This gives me hope for the idea of a themed party I want to throw for our birthdays! (in May).

Skip to Sunday.  Surprisingly, none of the four of us were that hungover on Sunday morning.  After hanging out on the couch most of the day, we finally got ready for the Superbowl party.  I totally spaced on taking pictures and documenting for the blog, but I made Pepperoni Puffs and Monster Cookies found via Pinterest.  Both were really good and well received; however, I’d definitely cut back the Italian season in the puffs next time I make them again.

And that was essentially our weekend.  No trip to the grocery store for this week’s meals and no bedroom updates; so hopefully I’ll find the motivation tonight since last night we were both pooped and our light was out by 9:15!

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