Thursday, February 16, 2012

That Felt Good!

I've been struggling with trying to get back into the gym routine.

I have a million or so (not really) pins on my fitness Pinterest board for ideas of work-outs; yet I've neglected to actually sit down and go through them to find something that I like. Instead, I've been going to the gym and doing a ho-hum type weight regimen.

Ben has been running a decent amount.  He's trying to convince me to sign up for a marathon in June and is already on a training schedule for it (!). I'm still undecided on the idea.  I was flabbergasted when he told me he did six miles on the treadmill last week (partially for the distance, but mainly for that distance on a treadmill, because I hate them).

Yesterday with the warm weather (42F), I decided to go out for a run. When I've been running recently, I  usually stick to a 3 mile route and it's been at least 10 days since I did that.  Yesterday, I changed things up and started off on a different path.  I felt good so I just kind of made up my route as I went.  I ended up going 4.5 miles and felt great!!

I think I put these mental limitations on myself.  I end up thinking I have barriers that I can't break and am unconfident in even trying to attempt (another marathon). Yet, it's like experiences like an inpromtu run, that reminds me, sometimes I need to just give things a shot and not think about it too hard.

Besides, as I've told my sister and a friend, I also feel so unhealthy recently!  I know I was running a ton last summer, up to 40 miles in a week, but both Ben and I have gained about 5 pounds since the marathon.  I look at pictures now and feel like my cheeks are chimpunk-central! I don't want that in general, but especially for pictures for our trip and our birthdays; plus summer is coming!

Thus, I'm trying to be more conscience about what I'm eating (and the portion size) and drinking (although that's not really a major concern because I don't drink pop, drink my coffee black and usually drink water; besides the occassional wine/beer) and almost more consistant with my exercise.  My goal is that using my heart rate monitor, I'd like to burn at least 500 calories during gym and/or running sessions 5+ days a week.

So, you'll probably see some more posts (maybe even a diary-type log page) about my exercising and eating.  Primarily, for myself to keep record and on track.  I'm not looking for a certain number on the scale; rather to feel healthy (and look it too).

Happy running!

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