Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012

Have you guys seen or heard anything about KONY 2012? 

If you haven't yet, don't be surprised.  I hadn't heard of Joseph Kony either.  For the first time, I saw a pin on Pinterest earlier today and wondered what it was about. 

I logged on Facebook and came cross this video (it's long, but worth it).

Pretty empowering.  Currently in central Africa, numerous children are ripped from their beds, homes, and families to kill innocent people or be turned into sex slaves.  If we stand up and join the cause, I really do think we can make a difference.

Like the video says, there are three things you can do:
  1. Take the pledge.  Tell our government that you want US help to aid African villages in finding and overthrowing Kony.
  2. Get the Action Kit. Start physically spreading the world and making Kony known and popular
  3. Share the video.  The more people that see, the more people that will take action.

I know there's also a lot of internet banter how this isn't going to do anything and how it's a hoax, etc. However, even if you don't believe in it; it takes two minutes of time to take the pledge and share the video on Facebook or blog and that's completely free; so I think this is worth a shot.

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