Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Wknd Recap

Whew, this morning has gone by fast.  To offer you a recap of our weekend:

Friday night I met Ben and his best man at Haymarket (again, two Fridays in a row), where I was met with Man-Drama.  As in, Ben found out on Thursday we won 4 Bulls tickets for Friday’s game.  He invited best man and another buddy.  On Friday Ben started calling the guys to figure out what the game plan was.  Other buddy didn’t respond to Ben’s texts, calls, or emails.  At 6pm, an hour before the game, Ben hadn’t heard from him, so he ended up calling another friend and inviting him.  As you knew it would happen, then Buddy #1 calls back – thus, the man drama.  In the end, #2 ended up coming with us to the game.

Saturday we got up, grabbed a Starbucks breakfast, and got on the road.  We were making good timing to get to the QC in 2.5 hours, until Mile 76.  That’s when we heard a flapping sound coming from the front of the car.  Nervous it was a popped tire, I pulled over and Ben got out to investigate.  It wasn’t a tire, rather there is a piece of plastic under the front of the car that is kind of a “drip pan” to prevent leaks/dips from staining the ground.  The front bolts, on both sides, had come out.

After stressing a bit, Ben realized we had bungee cords in the trunk.  We worked together to untangle them and then Ben got under the car. We had two lines so we made an “X” across the bottom of the car.  We started driving again, about 10 miles later, we see something fly out and hear the noise again. Pull over to inspect and one of the cords had broken. Readjust and drive.  We made it to Dixon, at Mile 54, before we saw a sign for a gas station and decided to get off for duct tape. The gas station had scotch, masking, electrical and packing tape, but was sold out of duct tape! Ugh!  Luckily there was a Walmart down the road, so Ben bought some in there and taped up the car.

In the remaining 54 miles, we had to stop three times to duct the car.  I have to say, surprisingly we worked really well together and I’m proud of that.  I was the tape ripper and semi look-out (jackasses who didn’t move into the left lane!) and Ben was the taper.  We made it home but it took an extra hour and a half.  However, FIL was able to find new bolts, so at least we didn’t have a major car repair to pay for.

Saturday night we had my Gpa and Gma as well as my Gma and Uncle (on my dad’s side) over for steaks and salmon on the grill.  It was SO great to spend quality time with all of them.  Gpa seemed to be doing well and had plenty to say.  At one point my Gma mentioned that not a night goes by when she goes to bed and prays to God that she’ll be able to talk to Gpa in the morning.  That made me tear up, but there’s nothing we can do but hope and pray for the better and value the time we have.  I’m really glad I made the decision to go home and happy that Ben came too (otherwise Oscar and I probably would have both been crying on the side of the road).

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