Friday, March 16, 2012

Purchases have Arrived!

...and while I'm excited, regrettable (or maybe thankfully for my wallet), not everything worked out.

I ordered this chambray dress from Landsend Canvas for $30.  It's cute, but something is just off about it.  Plus it's just a smidge tight in the chest.  I think it's going to be returned.

It's a better fit with a belt; but someone pointed out to me that the pockets are high on the chest and looking at these pics, I definitely agree!

 And now for my Old Navy stuff.  It took eleven days to get there, but I think it was worth the wait!!

I'm really digging the sailboat blouse and love that I have a nice necklace to go with it already:

 I got this shirt in navy/cream striped too.  The yellow coloring is just slightly highlighter, which is what I was hoping for to fit in the current neon trend:

Even though I'm returning the chambray dress, I'm joining the club with this shirt.  I'm glad I read the reviews and sized up for the medium; a small definitely would have been too tight in the bust. 

I can't wait to mess around with styling this!

This dress I was so excited I'm so torn on it.  It looks frumpy but I love the pattern.  I'm going to have to try belting this and see if it helps.  I'm glad the I got the medium for the length, although I think it's still going to be too short to wear for work.

Boo; this maxi (same dress in all pics below, the coloring is just wonky), is going maxi.  It does nothing for me and it'd be hard to style with a cardi or blazer to make it work appropriate.

And there ya have it; my recent purchases.

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