Monday, July 2, 2012

There goes June; Wknd Recap

Alright, so our weekend.  It was busy, but not overwhelming and still pretty low key.
Friday after work I stopped into Ulta hoping to hit up the Liter Sale for new shampoo and conditioner, only to realize that it started Sunday.  I also had a 20% off any purchase coupon that was expiring so I bought some of my summer foundation, Hello Flawless Powder, and also a travel-size of my fave dry shampoo, Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo, because usually those brands aren’t valid for the standard coupons. I stopped in H&M at bought the striped dress I wore last week in solid black (and that was all I bought. I was proud I limited myself) before heading home on the train.

When I got home, Ben was brewing beer and stinking up the place, so I ran to Menard’s to get some stuff for one of my wedding gifts for this weekend. For dinner, I had my leftover prosciutto and arugula pizza from Wednesday night and Ben had a PB&J sandwich.  Yeop, 26 years old and that’s what the man elects to have for dinner on a Friday night (and I even offered to pick up Taco Bell since it’s next to Menards).  I can only say, this is pretty much the best examples of our the differences in our food palette.

Even though I was exhausted, after much debate, I agreed to go down to Bucktown neighborhood were B&B live. However, since I was unsure about going out, I had three preferences of places to go; somewhere that had board games (okay, this was Ben’s idea, but I liked it), with an outdoor patio to sit outside, or that had dessert.  We hopped on a bus and were on our way.  I really do love the Chicago’s public transit.  It’s not nearly as good as London or Paris’ (or as clean), but you can usually get where you want with a train and/or bus.

Once we were there (a short 9 minute bus ride!), in essence, we tried to meet all three of my requests.  We went to the Blue Line Lounge.  I’d heard of it, but none of us had ever been.  I was under the impression that it was kind of a dive bar, but it was nice inside!  Although they didn’t have board games like we’d thought, in the back there were some lounge chairs/couches and they were playing Breakfast at Tiffanys. Love!

After a drink there, we headed to Big Star, which is an extremely popular outdoor style Mexican restaurant.  We figured on a summer night, would could be better than sit outside with friends to  share some guac and a pitcher of margaritas?  Well, apparently everyone else was thinking this was the ideal thing to do at 9:30pm on a Friday night because there was an hour wait.  We left and ended up at Northside bar.  It has a huge atrium and also patio seating.  We got a table (after about a ten minute wait) with patio loveseats for each couple.  It was cute and cozy.  While sitting there, the first portion of a storm rolled over.  With the patio and atrium, we had an amazing view of the clouds and lightning.

With the patio request fulfilled, after a couple drinks we went to Hot Chocolate.  We attempted to go here a few weeks ago but it was closing (midnight).  It’s kind of rustic elegant inside.  Very simple.  I opted for a cava (Spanish champagne, in honor of our recent trip) and Ben was excited for the sour beer they had, La Folie by New Belgium.  The desserts were $12, including three scoops of ice cream, and there was also a cookie cart, that had cookies for $1 each, but in interesting flavors like Bacon Chocolate Chip.  Ben and I shared the Skillet SoufflĂ© (you know how I love skillet desserts) and B&B shared the carrot cake. 

The portion was fairly small for $12 and to split, but it was damn good. Our dessert consisted of a skillet brownie topped with salted caramel ice cream and pretzels. Yum.  Overall we spent $60 (pre-tip) for two desserts, one glass of red wine, cava and two sour beers.  It was good, but we won’t make it a regular stop. 


We had a lazy morning and headed out to the ‘burbs for the high school graduation party of a family friend.  My parents were there too.  The family is from Northern India (in fact we went with them to India in 2007) and had some amazing food.  I LOVE Indian food, but I clearly can’t eat it with Mr. PB&J (Ben). The graduate is trained in Opera, so she did a short (30 minute) concert and although it was somewhat an awkward setting, she herself is fabulous.

After the party, we drove to The Glen, a mall area in Glenview, which we seldom go to, but that has Vonmaur!!  Sadly, I didn’t find anything at Vonmaur, but I did score this Cubs t-shirt for $9 at Dick’s.

Ben’s sister and BIL met us at The Yardhouse for dinner. There are two reasons Ben likes The Glen: Dick’s and Yardhouse, with over 100 beers on tap.  After a nice dinner we headed home and watched the movie Jeff, Who Lives at Home, which Ben had convinced me to rent and was way more serious than we expected.  I wouldn’t particularly recommend it.


In addition to saying bye to Knucks, we got lunch and Ben met up with buddies to watch the final Eurocup game. I ran some errands and also worked on my wedding craft gift.  It looks awesome and I can’t wait to post about it!  I also attempted to pack.  I am’s.worst. packer.  I’m attempting to fit everything I need for Tues night-Sun morning trip in my small suitcase and Longchamp to avoid checking luggage (actually, the way I booked my flight I cannot check luggage on the way home or it won’t come with me! How ridiculous is it that it was cheaper to book my flight as a multicity flight and not to take the last leg of the journey instead of roundtrip Chicago.  Hello, it’s an extra flight and it’s LESS money). Oh yes, and I also have to manage to bring tennis  shoes and my cowboy boots.  Looks like I’ll be wearing my boots on the plane!

And that was my weekend!

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