Friday, September 7, 2012

Good News!

Last week I posted some bad news and this week I'm posting the good.
I'm going to intertwine the message with the MOST AWKWARD conversation I think I've ever had with my parents.  This may get confusing, so bear with me...
Recently I was on speaker phone with my mom while driving in the car and we were talking about some miscellaneous stuff.  I realized I hadn't shared the good news with my parents, so in the middle of conversation, I told my mom that I was going to send her and my dad a picture on their phones and to call me back once they got it.  I sent them a group text with a picture of the good news with the caption: "We recently got this. How exciting!"
Immediately my parents text me back.  Dad: "is this what I think it is?". Mom: "Does this mean what I think it means?".  I text back: "Call me to discuss!".  Maybe I shouldn't have been so mysterious with this?  Or had a better description.
My parents call immediately on speaker phone and were both talking at the same time; "Wow this is so exiting!", "Does them mean what we think it means?", etc.  I was finally able to get a word in and asked "What do you think this means?".  My dad says "Congrats!" while at the same time my mom says "You're pregnant?!".
I burst out into laughter.  "No....who do you think is in the picture?!" My dad's response is "I couldn't really focus on the people.  I saw the big sunglasses and know you wore those, so I assumed it was you and Ben, but all I could focus on was the sign".  And then my mom finally got it. "Ohhh, that's Ben's sister!  They're pregnant?!"
So here is the good news; Ben and I are going to be first time uncle and aunt in February!!

The announcement given to us recently when over at SIL/BILs
Quite possibly the funniest and most awkward conversation I've had with my parents.  After their congratulations to SIL/BIL; I said: "Considering we only live about three hours away, and I'm not with you really think we'd tell you via a picture over the phone with me by myself?!"...although that does have me pondering, in the future, how will we decide to tell our parents.

Here's to SIL/BIL!

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