Friday, December 21, 2012

Wknd Recap

So here it is, Friday, 12/21, and I have yet to tell you about last weekend.  Well, here goes.

Friday night was spent working on some Christmas gifts.  One gift in particular I'm excited to give is a "Girl's Night" for two of my best local girlfriends.  I haven't exchanged gifts with them in the past, but I couldn't resist this idea. I'm posting because I don't *think* either of them reads my blog (and if by chance you do, I'm sorry to have ruined the surprise!)

I picked up OPI Top 10 mini-nail polish pack and split it up (I will admit, I am keeping a few colors for myself) as well as a Groupon type deal (okay, it was a Google Offer) and jotted down this little note:
This is a tiny gift from me to you,
something fun to spend time together and do.
Let's have a little Girl's Night Out!
Relaxing and catching up it what it's about.
We'll go to Beauty Bar for a drink,
and leave with our nails painted pink.
Good for 2 martinis and a manicure!
Now, how fun will this be?!
Friday night ended up being a surprise late night out when we decided to head to the bar for a friend's birthday party.

Despite getting in bed around 1am, we both were awake by 7:30am. I guess that's part of being an adult on a routine schedule?  We went to the gym together (my third time in a week, woohoo!) and afterwards ran some errands, which included going to Paulina Meat Market for a gift card. It's like an old school butcher with fantastic meats, but man is it expensive!
During this outing (gym and three stops), I also somehow managed to loose my credit card.  Despite realizing immediately once we were home, I retraced my steps (in the rain) to no avail. Luckily, Chase was extremely helpful. They were able to cancel our card and sent us a new one that arrived on Monday.

Due to lack of motivation and poor weather, much of Saturday was spent like this
with bullies and boy on the couch.  Tiny Tim and Oscar are quite found of each other. It's going to be so hard for all of us to say goodbye when he gets adopted. 
I like to think they're telling secrets
Saturday was also my big push to work on my last gift, which is a major DIY project.  I don't want to post details just yet, but I'm quite excited about it.
Saturday night we another low-key night in. We had planned on dinner and a movie with friends, but our poor friend works retail and was exhausted by the time she got off work Saturday night. We opted for an easy dinner of brie/raspberry jam/bread and wine.  We also watched Prometheus.  Despite my apphresion it was decent, for a sci-fi film that is.
Sunday was a busy day!  I met my bookclub ladies for brunch downtown at Atwood Cafe. We saw each other about one a month and it's always something I look forward to. We had a great brunch catching up and enjoying our meal.  I was slightly disappointed in the food (and the fact that I paid $4 for one not-so-great cup of coffee without any refills), but I enjoyed the company.

After hurrying home from brunch, Tiny Tim and I were off to PAWS, an animal adoption center, for Tiny Tim's first public appearance, a Chicago English Bulldog Rescue Meet and Greet.  We had a full-house of eager fans to meet all of the bullies (we had about 10 dogs there).  Tiny himself was eager to meet all of the other dogs, which involved trying to hump each and every one of them (how embarrassing; hopefully now that he is neutered it will improve).

I even got to meet Gabe the puppy, who came in the same time as Tiny Tim with Project Mistletoe rescue.  The poor guy is deaf and therefore the puppy mill couldn't sell him.
Sunday afternoon was spent trying to decide what to bring for our Holiday Cookie Exchange (recipes to be posted soon). Oh, and watching the Bears loose, but let's just forget about that, okay?

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