Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Target+Neiman's now 70% off!

It keeps getting cheaper and cheaper folks.  Now all items are 70% off in store and online; although several items are no longer available online.

Those Tracy Reese plates I ordered at 50% off for $20 and that just arrived last week and are still in their original, unopened shipping box? Yea, they're $11.99 now.  How annoying. Here's hoping my local store has them so I can buy at the lower price and return the higher.


  1. I saw a ABC 7 newscaster (I think it was Karen Jordan) wearing the Tracy Resse shirt on the news the other day!

  2. Lol nice! I didn't love it, but I couldn't really justify the $80 price tag with no where to wear it. I would consider swinging it for $23 though!


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