Monday, January 7, 2013

Wknd recap

I know I already told you briefly about this past weekend, but I realized that I didn't share our previous weekend, which, in my opinion, was slightly more exciting (oh, and I have pictures to share).

Last Friday night my mother in law was in town to help SIL prepare for baby.  Friday night we went to Lincoln Park Zoo to see the free Zoolights display (something we'd been wanting to do with SIL/BIL since Thanksgiving but ran out of time for). 

Following the zoo, we attempted to eat at RJ Grunts, a bar/the first Lettuce Entertain You restaurant nearby, but were greeted with a 45 minute wait for 5.  In my hometown, crickets at chirping in restaurants at 9pm, but in Chicago, people are just starting their appetizers.  We ended up going to Basil Leaf, an Italian restaurant down the street and conveniently located across the street from my fav, Molly's Cupcakes.

The other reason MIL was in town was that she "delivered" (i.e. drove FIL's company's pick-up drove) Ben's kegarator.  Yes, oh glory be, Ben got his beloved kegarator for Christmas as the next upgrade to his homebrewing.  Saturday morning was spent assembling, and sadly for me, replacing the Christmas tree corner with this monstrosity (okay, it's actually kind of cool to have a kegarator in our apartment. I agree).
After many choice curse words coming out of Ben's mouth, and possibly a few coming out of my own for deciding to remove the Christmas tree out the front CARPETED (idiot) stairwell, we walked over to Bakin and Eggs for a late breakfast.
Saturday afternoon I had a hair appointment.  I wasn't due for an appointment, considering I'd just seen my stylist at home five weeks prior, but I had a Bloomspot deal that was expiring that I need to take advantage of.  I upgraded to ombre "enhancement" instead of highlights and am tickled happy with how it turned out.  It's still very subtle, but I love having a bit more of blonde back without having to worry about the embarrassment of roots.
Saturday night we babysit the kids I nannied in college.  It's been a few months since we'd seen them and by how they have grown.  They're now 7 and 8.5.  I met them when they were 9 months and 2. Where oh were does the time go?

We played with their science experiment kit before dinner...
...and before heading back to Zoo Lights for the second night in a row.  Seeing the zoo through the eyes of a child, is much more exciting than five adults walking around.
Once home, we played with more of the kid's Christmas presents, which included Super Mario Yahtzee.  Ben and M partnered up, because M had never played before...however, the true advantage turned out be to Ben's when M rolled not one, but two Yahtzee's during his first ever game.

Sunday I did a little bit of shopping downtown.  It wasn't intentional, but I stopped in Juicy Couture boutique and found a super sale.  I know most people think velour track suits when they think Juicy, but my sister and I always like to stop in to see what's new (and peruse they're good sales).  I was ecstatic to find that the winter accessories set I'd admired last time I was in store was an additional 50% off the sale price.  I purchased the hat, scarf and flip-mittens for approximately 30% off it's original retail price. Woohoo!

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