Friday, May 3, 2013

Beers & Birthdays

I post from time to time about Ben's brewing and craft beer, but I'm not sure if you realize just how in to beer Ben is (and as a result, how I've taken a strong liking to beer as well). With his birthday around the corner (ie tomorrow), I thought I'd take the chance to share what I'm getting him/what I've given him in the past, for ideas for other beer lovers out there.
1 & 2. Beer and Bulldog Boxers, $10:  Ben and I have an inside joke that started in college. He wears all of his boxers year round and doesn't believe that they are "seasonal".  It drives me up a wall when I see him wearing penguin boxers in July.  For as long as I can remember, every holiday or birthday, I buy him a pair of boxers (or in this case two) to ensure he has appropriate boxers for the given time of year.  The top pair has various beer glasses from them. Although not beer related, I couldn't resist the bulldogs on the bottom pair..
3. Local Brewery T-shirt, $25: Why not support your local brewery (even more than just drinking their beer) by buying some of their gear? Revolution's t-shirts are printed on American Apparel tees, so they're super soft. For those of you who aren't familiar with Revolution (poor thing, you're missing out) the fist (the "stars" on the flag) is their symbol  and the flag is Chicago's flag.
4. American Homebrewer Association Membership, $38: I randomly came across their website when searching for craft beer gift ideas at Christmas.  I asked one of Ben's brewing friends about it and he highly recommended buying Ben a membership. Not only do you get access to their online message boards (get for getting recipes and help from fellow brewers), you also receive a magazine subscription and discounts at local craft beer facilities. Score!
5. Chalkboard Tap Handle, $38:  This Christmas Ben got a dual-keg kegerator.  No more bottling homebrews for us (and no more storing tons of bottles throughout the apartment, yay!).  With the beer in the kegs constantly being rotated out (debating how thirsty we are:), these handles allow us to write what we have on tap for any guests who come over.
6. Sampler Set, $30: Any beer lover has had a beer flight.  Now enjoy your own beer samples at home. It's fun to use when sampling home brews to friends at our place.
7. Plaid Shirt, $44: Okay, maybe this isn't craft beer related, but what guy can't used another plaid button up?
Do you have any beer lovers in your life? Or any good ideas for future gifts for Ben?

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