Friday, July 19, 2013

Date Night

Sometimes it's nice to do something out of the ordinary.  Not to far out of your comfort zone, but something you don't do on a regular basis. One Friday night recently, we did just that. We went to a movie, at a coffee shop.

Heritage Bicycles opened last summer and while we've visited* a handful times, we certainly aren't regulars, but we are fans on Facebook.  Without plans for our night, Ben jokingly text we could go watch Return of the Jedi at Heritage? and was surprised when I responded yes! We'd driven by Heritage on a previous Friday to see a crowd of popular gathered outside on picnic tables, staring at a brick wall with The Muppets projected on to it. What fun! 

This time we partook.
As the story goes, each barista gets a movie need as they so choose, so Delaney choose Return of the Jedi.  I must confess, I'm 27 years old and had NEVER seen ANY Star Wars movie until this night.  While it's not my cup of tea (or coffee), I can get why it's such a legendary trilogy.  In fact, now I feel inclined to see the other's I've missed.

Any who, we were plesantly surprised to see that Delany had also coordinated Star Wars themed cupcakes, Dimo's Pizza (famous for their mac and cheese pizza), ice cream, and Revolution Brewing's Rosa (mmm hibiscus beer and it's pink)....all on the house (with a donation jar we gladly deposited some cash into!

The only downfall to the night was that a freak rainstorm moved the movie from outside to inside, but other than that, it was the perfect out of the ordinary date night. Now I'm stalking their FB page for the next movie night!
*blah, remember that time when Blogger ate all of the pictures on my old posts? I apologize .

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