Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up (+deals)

This weekend goes down in my books as summer perfection.
Please excuse the mix of iphone and DSLR pictures as we recap my weekend.

Friday night we babysat my favorite kidlets, E&M. This duo is now 9 and 7 and I started babysitting them (found through Marquette's student newspaper) approximately seven years ago this month. How insane is that?  We have a special bond.  Their mom said that starting at 1pm E was counting down the hours until our arrival.  They text to say that wanted to be sure Ben came too.

I'm forever intrigued with how their personalities have developed. M (the boy), threw out one-liners all night that had my stomach aching from laughter (E: M, why are you walking so strange? M: I'm not; I'm just using my awesome body parts to move differently). E loves to entertain and had us singing karaoke.  We enjoyed the rooftop pool (we taught the kids how to play gutter ball) and desserts are the fro-yo spot down the street.
Saturday morning we slept in (until 10am! No idea the last time we've slept that late) and picked ourselves out of bed to each go for a run. There's nothing like a few miles (6 for me) on Lake Michigan. I love Saturday morning runs.  Speaking of love, Oscar is a huge fan of my post-race watermelon. 
We ran a few errands and took the dogs along for a car ride before hitting up Oak Street Beach.  We don't typically go to this beach, but me oh my is the view gorgeous! It also doesn't hurt that there's a bar on the beach, Oak Street Beach: Food+Drink, that whips up some fantastic margaritas.
Following the beach we stopped over to B&B's apartment for to try some tasty New Glareus beers they'd brought back from WI recently (this fruit ale Serendipity was greated!).  Ben and I headed home to tend to the dogs before grabbing a late night dinner at Southport Lanes.  Their craft menu is more impressive every time we go. Ben ordered Founder's Devil Dancer, which is a tripel IPA. beer  and put my Avery anniversary ale to shame.
Sunday was our big day. Huey and I's date day as I like to call it....volunteering for Chicago English Bulldog Rescue at Market Days (which is similar to Pridefest with lots of awkwardly dressed people (or perhaps I should say barely dressed?), but I didn't want to capture any of those pictures).

Betty came to the event and she and Huey were reunited! At first they didn't seem to be excited to see one another and after a few minutes, wherever one went, the other was sure to follow. I cannot tell you how much I love this little peach.  She feels that same as she kept jumping on her hind legs to give me kisses. I am so happy she went to a great family who actively comes to our events.
Some things never change; such as both trying to squeeze in at the water bowl.
 Since I brought my camera along, I couldn't help but attempt to capture pictures of all the bullies.  Huey is a crowd pleaser. That tongue gets him lots of attention.
Then there's Porkchop.  The sweetest four-year old lady with one blue eye and one brown.  She's a big girl, but that's just more of her to love. 
Roman is the dog of a volunteer and had the most docile demeanor about him. 
Betty and her bow. What's not to love? 
Willie is an 11 year-old boy who's owner had him since he was a puppy but recently when into hospice. He has such a puppy face. 
 When will this sweet boy find his forever home?
And the reason for my sleepiness. I volunteer for several hours at the festival, followed by a home visit for a potential adopted. I sat on the couch briefly with Ben before fulfilling our Sunday Night, Pizza Night ritual and putting a big dent in editing my Colorado trip pictures.
As Ben was cozying up in bed, I left to go back to the festival to help tear down...but it was all worth it because I got to meet this guy:
Kirby is a 10-month old puppy who recently came into rescue after someone called animal control seeing this poor puppy in the background of  their neighbor. He has luxating patellas on his hind legs (basically that the joints are deformed and he can't probably walk).  Now in the rescue's care, he's had one of the surgeries needed to correct them.
His name was originally Kermit; which is quite funny considering that Ben and I often joke about having a gaggle of bulldogs with Sesame Street names.  Although we've said next we'd want to do Bert and Ernie; it almost seemed as if Kermie was meant to be ours.  But...who are we kidding? We can't handle a puppy right now!
Plus it was decided that Kermit is somewhat mocking to the way his hind legs look when he walks; hence the change to Kirby; so maybe that's a sign too.
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  1. Those puppies look sooooo pooped! Haha! Just how mine look after a long day out and about! Too cute!


  2. Oh my goodness loving all the bully love :)

  3. Ah Kirby is so cute! I love English bulldogs! Visiting weekend shenanigans!


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