Thursday, June 27, 2013

You're Gonna Miss Me

After eight weeks of having Miss Betty as our house guest, last night she was adopted. 
I tried to prepare myself for her departure.  We shared lots of extra snuggles this past week and have had a lot of discussions about how happy she will be in her forever home. Betty is our fifth foster dog to get adopted (go us!) and while it's always distressing, at the adoption I thought  I may get by without crying...
...that is, until we started to say our goodbyes and the adopter said "Oh my gosh, this is so sad. Just look at her looking at you". <Trigger the tears>  As I walked back to my car, leaving this new family behind, the tears came.  Once in my car, I looked back and saw Betty looking at me and the couple struggling to focus her attention on them. The tears fell harder.
It didn't help to turn on the car and have Anna Kendrick's "Cups" playing. You know the chorus:
you're gonna miss me when I'm gone
you're gonna miss me by my hair...'re gonna miss me by my walk...
you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.
I'll certainly miss her (not her hair, although I'm sure we'll be finding it for quite sometime. Girlfriend was a shedder).  I'll miss her bouncy butt running to greet me in the morning. I'll miss her excited wiggles to see me when I arrive home from work. I'll miss her Huey snuggles (how cute is this picture Ben got the another night?)
But...I'm ecstatic for her and for her new family. I know she's going to get the attention and love she deserves. I know she's going to be the shining light in their life. And, luckily for me, I know they're going to keep in touch and send me updates with her silly antics and adorable pictures.
Besides, I've always thought of Betty's anthem to be "Feel this Moment". The first week we brought in Huey and Betty after Project Mercy, Christina's voice came blaring on the radio and I spontaneously burst into tears.  Betty's continuously spunky demeanor, combined with the lyric "I just want to feel this moment", reminds me of the second chance for life she's been given and how appreciative she is.  She is excited and eager to live each moment and enjoy.  I know she'll do just that in her new home.

Even though I know you're in good hands,
 I still miss you now that you're gone.
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  1. The adoptions must be such bittersweet events. But, you did such a wonderful job making Betty feel loved and secure... you can tell from the pictures that she really blossomed in your care. Great job, Foster Mom!

  2. You are so awesome for being a foster parent! I can't imagine how hard it is to say goodbye when they leave, but to think that you prepared them for their forever home and showed them how much a doggy should be loved is so great! They're all lucky to know you! <3

  3. Thanks for linking up with Friday's Five! Hope to see you back again.

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