Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Here's what we're looking at.
Mainly exploring Colorado and all it has to offer. I've loved winter (or lack thereof compared to Chibera), with mild temps in Denver and snow galore in the mountains.  Although, I'd lie if I said I weren't most excited for summer. I can't wait to explore more of Denver on foot and bike and explore Colorado via hikes, camping, rafting and mountains.
Ben will continue to brew (although there's been a recent damper on that activity. Who knew that electric stove tops didn't get on hot as gas, this resulting in the purchase of a turkey fryer. We have yet to that out...) and I will continue to cook (I'm so excited for this cookbook I got at Christmas. The recipes have me salivating). Together, we will continue to drink craft beer :)
The last book on our 2014 shelf is the white one.  Part of the decision to move was the affordability of buying a single family home in Denver proper.  We've looked online for months (actually even prior to moving) and now with our lease ending mid-March, we've transitioned our search from online to in person.
So far we've toured eight homes and crossed 51 off our list (which doesn't include the homes we decided weren't even worth a second thought).  We have our list of wants and wishes and have not found the house just yet; although we do have one from last weekend lingering in our minds.
I am excited to keep you updated as we move forward in the process!

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  1. House hunting can be a slow process, but each house brings you closer to knowing what you want.


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