Sunday, January 26, 2014


I apologize I have struggled to give you regular updates and posts. Between work and our house search, the month of January has flown by.

Remember how I said there was one house that might be it? Well we went back last weekend and I truly felt it was. I could picture us cozying up in the living room, entertaining in the dining and hearing the pitter-patter of future kiddos in the hall.  However, Ben didn't feel the same. Although heartbroken, I partially wondered if I'd convinced myself this was the house because it was the closest to meeting our criteria of any houses we'd seen.

Lucky for me (and Ben and our realtor) the house went under contract last week and the search blazed on. Our weekend plans didn't involve any house hunting, because there was nothing for us to see. Then Friday a house came on the market we liked so we set up to visit it Saturday morning.  At 9:30pm on Friday night another house came on the market and although late, we text our landlord to see if we could add that to Saturday's list.

The first house was an automatic no when there was no yard or outside space. The inside was even wonkier. The second house surprised us that they were having an open house. I think we'd been in the place about five minutes when we turned to one another and said "this place is awesome".  By the time we reached the backyard, we were asking if it was fairly priced and Ben was shocked to hear the asking price, much lower than he would have thought compared to others we've seen.

And then we got upstairs to the master suite and it was a done deal. We wanted to put an offer in.  Knowing the hot location, size, finishes and price, it had to be that day. We called our lenders we've been speaking with and ran some numbers before deciding on our offer.  That night we received a call that another offer had been put in (this was less than 24 hours of being on the market, people!!) and we'd need to increase about $5K have a chance at getting the place.

$5K relates to about $25/month...and we were so not going to lose the house over $25/mo! So we upped our offer and crossed our fingers.  After going back and forth today on contract dates, I am SO happy and excited to say we are under contract!! Cheers!


  1. Congrats! Buying a house is so awesome and scary but worth it in the end. Excited to see photos and how you decorate it!

  2. Congrats!!! So glad you found your house! The other fell through for a reason. Finding one you both love is so important! Cheers to being homeowners!!


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