Monday, September 26, 2011

Deals and Steals - 9/26 updated at noon

Hello and welcome to Monday.  Man, it was a rough one this morning.  Not only was in raining cats and dogs this morning, but I’m also rebounding from only being in the office 3.5 days last week (remember the sore throat I mentioned on Thursday?  It was worse Friday and with the marathon fast approaching, I didn’t want to take any chances so I took a sick day and visited the Minute Clinic.  Luckily (depending how you look at it), the doctor has it’s just a viral cold and just fluids/sleep will help me get over it.  Also, no running during the weekend).  I also realized this morning that our apt only had one umbrella in it, for two people, yikes.  We did have 3, but one was lost on the rainy day of my friend’s wedding in Sept and the 2nd was at my office.  Good thing H is a sweetheart and let me take the only umbrella so I could avoid getting soaked on my walk to the train.

Otherwise, our weekend was probably the most boring we’ve had in a while.  I was sick/resting all day Friday.  I watched Rabbit Hole with Nicole Kidman.  I knew it was supposed to be a “deep” movie about the relationship of a couple after their son dies, but honestly it never really reached a climax for me.  It was okay.  The best part of the weekend was Saturday night when we babysit the kids I used to nanny for in college (yes….I elected to do that even with my cold although H said I shouldn’t.  It’s just that because the kids live in MKE (the family has a “wknd condo” in Chicago), we rarely get to see them, so I’ll take any opportunity I can).  It was a blast.  As soon as we arrived they ran to us, jumped on us and gave us hugs, telling us how much they missed us.  The feeling was mutual.  

Yesterday I went to a seminar about preparing for the marathon at a local running store which was okay.  Although it’s my first marathon, having run two halfs a lot of the info they provided wasn’t really new to me.  Then I proceeded to watch the Bears lose suck it up again and we watched The Switch.  Its outcome was equally as predictable as the Bears game.

Not too many exciting deals, but here you go anyways:

· AT Loft: 40% off select full-price items (in store and online)
· J Crew/J Crew Factory: (awww jeepers-creepers, this has the potential to wipe of my "fun" money until next paycheck):  Take additional 30% off sale items and extra 30% off all factory items (plus free shipping), through Wed (9/28) with code: SHOPNOW

Morning Originals:
· Michael’s: 20% off entire purchase coupon; valid 9/29-10/1
· $25 for $75 credit via (it’s legit; like Groupon)
o   I used Picaboo to create wedding albums for both sets of parents for Christmas gifts last year and they were awesome.  I much prefer them over Shutterfly or Snapfish.  Actually, this reminds me that I still need to order the album that I designed for H and I….
· 80% through 9/30 with code: FALL ($25 GCs for only $2, plus get back 15%back when you purchase via*)
· 5 free greeting cards through 10/11 with code: TRY5CARDS
·  Victoria’s Secret:
o   Free shipping on US orders of $100+, code: SHIPVS11
· 25% off greeting cards, invitations, photo cards, postcards, calendars and ornaments through 9/29 with code: HOLIDAYEARLY
o   I will say, that if you’re considering doing this you may want to wait.  Last year in November, Zazzle had 75% off this items; just at the right time for us to order our wedding thank you’s and holiday postcards.  I’ll share pics below. The quality of the cards and postcards were great.

Front of card
(top left says: "The H_____s")

Inside of card

Back of card

* My schpeel: is a free-to-use website that simply gives you cash back for making online purchases at certain retailers.  All you have to do is to access the store your buying from’s website via  I’m not sure how, or why, it works, but ebates then gives you a specific percent of your purchase amount back to you and issues you a check every quarter.  It also has daily specials, which doubles the rebate percentage (for example, today if you purchase from (via, ebates will give you back 10% of your purchase amount; nice!)

For example, if I find some stuff I want to buy at, I put the items in my shopping card but before I go to checkout, I open a new web browser and  On ebates website, I search for Gap.  Then I’m automatically taken to Gap’s website with my cart full of the items I want to purchase and I checkout as usual.  If I spend $75 and is offering 5% back on, then my ebates account is credited $3.75.  Note:  if you purchase and return items, then it will be reflected in your ebates account.

I’ve been a “member” for about a year and have gotten back $50.  Granted that’s not a ton, but I don’t shop online a lot and $50 is still “free” money!

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