Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love you because...

I wanted to come up with a DIY wedding gift for my friend that she'd appreciate and was unique.  I've been an obsessive "pinner" on Pinterest; so I headed over to my "DIY-gifts" board  and "DIY" board to see if any idea's fit the couple's style.  Right away, I knew the simplicity of this was exactly what I was looking for:

Originally from this blog (<clicky link)
Adorable, right?!  I decided to make it own my own.  The sign itself I made in Microsoft Power Point by setting up the slide to be 10"x14" (I learned this from using Vistaprint: to increase the resolution when creating an image file in Power Point, set up the page to be a larger multiple of the size you want.  This way, when the picture is condensed to something like 5"x7" the resolution is better), updating background and adding a text box and line. 

.jpeg image created in Power Point

 I saved the the file a .jpeg and then sent it to Walgreens.com to be printed as a 5"x7" photo (as you can see below, the coloring is different.  I had to go to Walgreens twice to get a color I liked).

5"x7" photo
It took me a while to find a white frame that I loved.  I checked out Michaels, JoAnn, Home Goods, TJs and Marshalls.  I considered buying a frame I loved in a different color and then spray painting it white.  But I decided it would be too much of a pain to save for a list minute to-do (spray paint isn't sold in Chicago city-limits so I would have had to drive to the 'burbs, which I hate doing, or buy it when I went to my hometown for the wedding itself). I was about to give up hope when I decided to check out Target and low and behold, my 5"x7" frame:

All I had to do was pop the picture in the frame and easy-peasy, part of my gift was complete:

(I apologize for the poor-photography)

If you're interested in the Powerpoint file for yourself; provide me your email and I'll sent it to you.  I have yet to learn how to upload files :O)

Because someone asked me,  I should mentioned that I wrote in "we're married!" (I love you because we're married) when I gave the gift to the couple.  I also attached two dry erase markers so they'd "get" it.  I probably should have included a little note such as "This is to remind you that it's all the little things that count" or something to give a better guide as to what this is, but oh well.  I'll have to do that next time


  1. This is TOO cute! I haven't seen it on Pinterest, but I absolutely love it! You can send the file my way... tamx06@gmail.com. Thanks!

  2. Absolutely adorable! I think my FI would get a kick out of it. Could you please send me the file too! rlavach@verizon.net TIA!

  3. I love this! Just wanted to let you know how I handle downloads (so that you don't have to email everyone individually). I created a free account at 4shared.com and upload my files there. Then I just post the link to the file on my blog. Hope that helps!

  4. I just randomly found your blog while googling DIY gifts. This is adorable!

    Could you send me a copy of the Powerpoint? I would love to make this as an anniversary gift for my husband. Thanks!!! akatz821@gmail.com

  5. Can you send me the link as well? rosemarie338@hotmail.com

  6. I am putting together a basket of DIY items for my friend as a present. She is definitely going to love this one. THANKS for sharing your idea.

  7. Great, you're welcome Megan!

  8. Could you please send the link to me too? Illinigirl05 at gmail.com Thanks! I love this idea - well actually all your crafty things are so cute!

  9. are you able to send me the link?? slschmidt@new.rr.com

  10. Adorable! Can you send me the file please? amyfields@gmail.com Thank you :)


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