Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deals and Steals - updated! (Hunger Games)

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My thoughts exactly! I’m joyously welcoming this Thursday.  It’s the first morning this week that it hasn’t been raining on my way to work (although I wore my  rain boots and brought the umbrella in case Mother Nature decided to pull a fast one this afternoon), but I’m mainly happy about today because it’s my Friday.  We’re headed to our hometown this weekend for the wedding of H’s good friend (H is a groomsmen) and his fiance (whom, in addition to the groom, we also went to high school with and I really adore her).  I’m so excited for this couple to tie the knot!  We’re headed home tonight so that H can golf with the groom and buddies tomorrow morning. 

Here's my hair inspiration, we'll have to see what happens though:






In another exciting news, yesterday Amazon announced their entrance into the computer tablet market with the Kindle Fire.  For $199, it’s a 7” screen that essentially is a mini-iPad with less storage.  It also doesn’t have the camera capabilities like iPad generation 2 has, but that’s okay.  We have a gen-1 ipad and still love it.  But I have to confess, I want the Fire,  it may be one of those things I want to have just because…but $200 seems like a great deal.  Although I’m sure that’s what everyone is thinking.  I’ll have to wait and see some reviews on it.  Now that the regular Kindle has been revamped and is down to $79; I’m hoping H will consider buying one b/c he has been hogging the iPad to use the Kindle app every since he stupidly (real word?) took his with him to a Friday happy hour (idiot).

My small stash of sales today:
·         Old Navy: 25% off online through 9/30 with code: ONSECRET25

Update: (Found via friend Mo on FB): Get the Hunger Games trilogy for only $4.38 for Kindle and Nook from Pixel of Ink (legit site)

Check in tomorrow because I have a delicious dessert I’ll be sharing and it only has 2 ingredients!

My plans?  Well, something I’m not so excited about, but my mom is thrilled, is that I need to sift through the immense amount of stuff I have at my parent’s house (read: my mom has taken over my closet in addition to her own and needs more space; but I get it.  I don’t live there anymore so I should keep my stuff there to a minimum).  More exciting than cleaning though is getting my hair highlighted and cut.  While I love the blonde that I had done in August; it’s grown out now and I’m really to go a bit darker for fall.  Plus, the girl who does my hair I really consider a friend instead of a stylist, so I’m excited to catch up.  However, the thing I’m most excited for is going to Whitey’s Ice Cream, the local ice cream company.  I worked for them throughout high school and during college breaks and have yet to find better ice cream anywhere else. 

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