Friday, November 18, 2011

OOTD - 11/18

I think this has been my best week yet at sharing outfits; 3 out of 5 work days isn't bad and I still have the weekend to share too.

So this outfit really didn't turn out as I had originally thought up in my head.  I'd wanted to attempted the belted scarf look.  Something like this, but with one of my new pencil skirts:

From my Pinterest Fashion Inspiration and Wants board

But then I realized it was really choppy and awkward looking to be belted at the waist and then have my top tucked into my skirt also.  Plus, I wanted to incorporate the skinny belt I got at Loft last week and it's too big to wear around my waist. Utter fail. So, here's what I ended up with:

Top: Black scoop neck tee (Nordstrom Rack)
Boots: Nine West (TJ Maxx)
Scarf: gift from SIL from Paris

I absolutely love these black boots.  I have bigger calves and these have a zipper up the inner leg, so they actually fit me.  PLus they're flat and uber comfortable. I can't remember when I bought them, but I know this is my fourth winter wearing them.  Last year at the beginning of the cool season I kept slipping and falling because the tread on the soles were worn out.  Rather than replace the boots, I took them to a local shoe 'doctor' and had new soles put on and had them polished.  For $30, they're like brand new!

See why I'm not quite sold on the skirts?  If I'm not standing with my legs straight, there's a weird gathering across the front, like it's too tight or something, but when I'm standing "normal" it looks okay.  I tried to catch this in the pic below.

I love the multi-color tassels on the scarf

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