Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Portable North Pole

Last weekend I got a phone call from Santa.  Really, it was him.  Actually, no, it wasn’t.  It was set up at by one of my friends.  Have you heard of it? It’s free and sponsored by Gmail. Love it.

Even if you haven’t, don’t worry, I have something even better to share.

My manager has a 2 year old son.  So yesterday I hear him (manager, not the son) in his office laughing hysterically about something.  I popped my head in and discovered what is the coolest website ever.  Okay, maybe if you’re five, but even at 25 I think it’s really cute.

It’s Santa!!! And he knows everything about you, after you input some information and pictures.  The best part is, it’s free!  You can pick for children or adults and have them be naughty or nice on Santa’s list.  I made one child-style video and one adult for Ben; both naughty.

If you’re interested in making a video for a someone, click here, Portable North Pole. Enjoy!

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