Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We Did It (+deals)

Welcome to another Hump Day.  I wanted to tell you all that I feel really awful about being such a bad blogger recently.  I have tons of events, recipes, pics, etc to share with you, but just not enough time and energy to post on top of my busy day.  I hope to take some time to catch up this weekend.

In exciting news, we did it.  We got our Christmas tree last night!  It was pretty much the opposite of our first attempt.  We went to Home Depot right when Ben got home from work and spent about 10 minutes walking around the garden center (I’m not sure if you’re familiar with HD’s garden area but it’s entirely enclosed by walls and has an open ceiling.  Once we walked “inside” Ben was amazed that we were still “outside” (meaning the space was roofless).  Clearly in the 3.5 years Ben has lived in Chicago he’s never been to HD). We found our tree at the back; a longer needled pine for $18. 

Ben is so silly when it comes to trees.  He says he doesn’t want one or that it should just be a short table-top tree. Then when we go to look at them, he is the most opinionated person.  He doesn’t like the look of long needled trees, this one has a bad bald spot, that one is not enough of a triangle "shape", etc.  However, since we previously agreed that I would pay for the tree and I’m also the one who puts the lights on the tree (and wanted to avoid being stabbed dozens of times by short needles), we got the long needled tree.

Compared to my parents 13 foot tree, our lil’ sixer was a cinch to put up (I did it by myself because Ben was starting the grill.  It feel ironic to be setting up a tree and grilling all in the same night).  Due to Oscar’s love of pine needles, we put the tree up on top of our old TV stand so that he can’t reach it.  I opted for the all white lights on the tree, as always. Both Ben and I were forcefully given some of our childhood ornaments from our moms (in an effort for them to get rid of stuff), so we both put the ornaments on the tree and share stories about them as they’re placed.  It’s fun, but since we’re on our third tree together, so many of the ornaments look familiar that we’ve both forgotten for some, who’s is whose.  Plus, our tree looks a little bit chaotic. 

I know you’re just dying to see some pictures; but you’ll have to wait because I’m not showing off until I put on the tree topper and we currently don’t have one.  It’ll come.

In the meantime, just a few deals:

·    Coldwater Creek: 30% off and free shipping through 12/9 with code DEC30
·    Snapfish: (plus 20% back when you shop via
o   Buy 1 calendar, get 2 free with code CALDEC through 12/14
o   Photobooks: buy 1, get 2 free with code DECBOOKS
o   40% off holiday cards and free shipping with code CARDSFS40 through 12/10
·    West Elm: Today only, take an additional 20% off sale items in stores and online with code GETITNOW

You may also want to check out your local Gap today and tomorrow.  Ours is having buy one, get one free on all of their sweaters!

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