Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Puma Gripe

I've never order anything from directly before and am really surprised by their poor customer service.

At the beginning of Dec I ordered a pair of Rudolf  Dassler Rhythm shoes  in Shine color during their friends and family sale for 40% off (thinking they'd be got for our trip).

The shoes were delivered and they sent me a size 8, even though my order and the packing slip said they were a size 8.5.  I contacted their customer service (CS) via email and explained their error and asked if it was possible to exchange for the correct size.  Iwas told they don't do exchanges, even though it was their mistake but I could return the order and place a new order then contact them and they'd give me the 40% off.

I sent the return in on 1/3; delivery was confirmed on 1/5 and now 3 wks later, I still haven't received the return credit or even confirmation from them that they received the return (I knew it was delivered from UPS tracking #).  I called CS last night and said their return process is backlogged and if I don't receive it by February 2 then call back.  So, I went ahead of ordred the correct pair/size again and have yet to receive my 40% off the order.  This could have been a big mistake.

Now I'm hoping to get the credit for my first return and also the 40% off the second order. Fingers crossed.

Thank you, gripe over.

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