Monday, February 13, 2012

Part 1 of Jason Wu Orders

Two of my items arrived to work on Friday.  Being so excited, I tried them on in the bathroom during lunch (so excuse the tights and Uggs; I ran some errands during lunch:O)

The first is the jersey dress.  It's pretty thin and kind of short; but I love the color combo.  This picture is the size small.  I'm surprised it's so big!  I have a medium coming that I'm going to need to return.  If I wanted a tighter fit; I could have gotten an XS.  I need to mess around with it at home minus the tights to decide if it's long enough.

I also have this weird issue every spring of seeing my legs bare and determining if a length is okay.  It's like your legs are hidden all winter so to seem them in spring feels like you're exposing yourself!

Here's the second dress.  I'm so-so on this one.  I think the style is cute and it'd be great for work...but the pale pink really doesn't seem to do much for my skin. It pretty much washes me out; but if I were to style it with black over it (like Veronika here); I think that could help a bit.  Again, I need to mess around at home before I make a final decision on this.  This is a medium:

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