Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Holy Toledo!  I just looked at my calendar and realized that this weekend is already Daylight Savings! Can you believe how quickly that came?

Kind of like our trip.  A few months ago it was just a lofty thought in the back of my head, and today I booked our Barcelona apartment, which means all of our major travel and accommodations is booked!  I’ve even started buying little things like shampoo and conditioner holder, tickets for some of the sites we’re going to see, etc.  We have friends coming in town this weekend (yay!) and St. Patrick’s Day next weekend and we have just over 20 days until the trip people!!  I’m kind of starting to freak out.

I was so hardcore initially on looking up and researching for the trip and now I’m definitely burned down.  I need a second wind to finish up a rough itinerary for Barcelona and London, although it is slowly coming together.  I just need to focus some time on it. 

At this point, I’d say I feel like we’re about 75% to 80% organized for the trip as a whole.  We have major things booked, maps and books for each city, an idea (if not an itinerary) of what we want to see.  I have mental lists of what clothes I want to bring and physical lists of little items I’m nervous I’ll forget but need to pack, etc.  Eeek! It’s coming so fast!

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