Thursday, March 15, 2012


Man, am I pooped, but it is sooo worth it! 

After some debating, I met Ben for dinner at a standby, Roots Pizza, since it’s delicious, has a good craft beer selection and is a 10 minute bus ride from the United Center.  I don’t mean to, but Ben says that I act high and mighty when we go there since we’re from the Quad Cities and this is the only “Quad City Style” pizza place, but I can’t help it!   The first time we ate there we asked if they had something similar a popular garlic cheese appetizer/pizza, referred to in the QC as “No-name bread” or “Gold Rush bread”.  The waitress had no idea what it was and suggested something similar that wasn’t even close (a monkey bread). We asked to put in the suggestion that they get No-Name bread…and now about a year later, they have it; only we ordered it by mistake. 

Last night we asked the waitress if they had anything similar and she said no, but Ben said “well, the monkey bread sucked, so let’s try the cheesy garlic bread” and low and behold, it was No-Name Bread!!  However, we didn’t realize how big this was and also ordered a small pizza (sausage), so we ended up having two 14” pizzas for the two of us. Embarrassing.  Even more embarrassing is that since we didn’t finish it, we wanted to take it with, but had to “sneak” it into the game, so we ended up wrapping it in napkins (a box wouldn’t have fit in my purse).  Ghetto, but hey it worked. 

(I learned from girls at Lollapalooza this summer from trying to sneak in alcohol that the best thing to do it to put whatever you want to sneak in in the bottom of your purse, then put wallet, etc on top and on the very top put tampons.  The majority of time it’s men checking bags and they don’t really want to mess with tampons :O)

Other fun things about Roots is:

·         They have a Quad Cities bulletin board and if you’re from there,  you can get your picture take and you put it up on the board next to the city you’re from.  Here’s our pic:

·         The other thing that I love is the bathrooms.  Instead of your usual “Women” and “Men”; the ladies says “Daisy” and has a small message under it saying something like “Unless you’re from the quad cities, you won’t understand”.  I was stumped and frustrated since I AM from the QC…then as I was washing my hands, I totally got it (and stupidly laughed out loud to myself). I looked at the guys and sure enough my guess was right, the guys sign said “Dooks”; as in “Daisy Dooks” the infamous strip club on the outskirts of town.

While at dinner it was confirmed that Derrick Rose was sitting on this game, something that Ben has emailed me worried about first thing yesterday morning.  Definitely a bummer, when you’re going to see a team play, you want to see the MVP in the game!  But, hey, Bulls didn’t need him anyways! 

Our seats were at the top, but still a great view.  I was surprised how quickly the game went by, but I guess it’s just because it was pretty fast paced.  My heart was absolutely racing the last two minutes, especially when the Heat were within two points; but we prevailed!

After the game we walked to catch the bus and since it still had 8 minutes until it’s arrival, we decided to walk one bus-stop south so that we would be the bus crowd.  We timed in perfectly and got on the bus.  There were four other people on the bus and two of them were our friends who’d be out at a bar farther south to watch the game.  What are the odds?!? I was still pretty excited from the game that I ran (while on the bus) and jump up and hugged one of the guys.  Ben later gave me crap about that, but whatever.  I was pumped and also shocked to see them (considering that we all live about 25 minutes North of where we were).

We came back to a sweltering apartment and our cute furry friend and crashed for the night!

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