Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Friday (+deals)

Hiya friends; happy Friday!!!

And happy pay day to me!  This is my first paycheck with our new insurance dedection since we opted for the higher deductible plan; so it's a little bit bigger.  Although the difference is just being added to what I put in savings; it's still nice to see my savings grow that extra bit!

Don’t you love fresh flowers?!  We have friends coming in town this weekend so when I stopped in the grocery store and saw these for $4; I couldn’t say no.

Tonight we’re headed to our first NHL Blackhawk’s game.  We’d talked about going to a game forever; so this year for Christmas, my best friend and I decided to get tickets for us and our hubs.  They were by no means good seats; upper level, upper seats, but at $80 each, we didn’t want to spend much more.  When my friend gave them to her husband, he said “Wow, you got a good price on these”, thinking we paid face value of $24.  When she explained that we paid about 3 times face value, he said it was ridiculous and ended up calling his friend from high school that works for the ‘Hawks. Long story short, I sent her our tickets and they sold the original 4 tickets we bought, and are now going to for free with tickets at will-call (fingers crossed they’re there) plus I’m getting back $160 (although I’ll give Ben $80 since it was a part of his Christmas gifts).

Otherwise, I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing the rest of the weekend.  It’s supposed to be a balmy upper 50’s; so hopefully we’ll get out downtown or to the zoo, etc.  Plans are TBD. 

Also, my MIL is in town and still spoils Ben rotten, so depending when our friends leave Sunday, we may meet up with MIL for some shopping for Ben for the trip (yes, I’m jealous.  My mom hasn’t bought me clothes, besides something at Christmas, since probably middle school or high school).

Lastly, there’s a group of local girls from The Knot/The Nest website getting together early Sunday evening that I’m hoping to make it to.  It’s surprisingly hard to make new friends in a big city and is fun meeting new people; so we’ll see how it goes!

Today’s deals:

·        AT Loft: Spring Style Event in stores this weekend; 30% off (and online with code STYLESE)

·        Gap: Get 40% off in stores through Sunday (and 30% online) when you “like” Gap on Facebook and share the news (note: After liking; something to print via Facebook will pop up right away; or you’ll have the option to get your code texted to you)

·         Juicy Couture: Extra 40% off sale jewelry and bags

·         Mixbook: Up to 25% off cards with code MARCHCARDS through 3/13

·         Old Navy: 20% off new arrivals online through 3/11 with code ONNEW20

· Pay just $2 for $25 gift certificates with code: EXPLORE (plus get 15% back via

·         Sports Authority: $10 off $50+ purchase this weekend

·         Walgreens: Through tmrw (3/10): 55% off all prints with code: ASTEAL ; 25% off photo gifts with code: UNIQUE25 ; 33% off posters with code: BIGDEAL30

·         West Elm: 20% off pillows in store and online

Oh, and Cubs single game tickets go on sale this morning!! Last year we bought a 6-pack of tickets, opening weekend, and White Sox Crosstown Classic,and ended up getting free tickets from friends and Ben's work (I think because we had such a terrible season) and ended up getting sick of going to Cubs.  Like it'd be 5th inning, our second game of the week and one of us would turn to the other and say "Let's blow this pop-stand" and leave.  This year we're going for maybe one or two single game tickets and then just see what else happens.

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