Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last Wknd

Hiya guys.  I’m sorry I’ve been MIA recently; shiz has been getting busy! Today marks the send off of a big construction project for work (whew!; although it’d been nice to be really busy recently) and today also marks four weeks until our Europe experience.  Yep, four weeks from today we will be on our way to a nice long vacation and I cannot wait.  Last night Ben even commented to be that he doesn’t know want to hear me say "4 weeks from today’", so I’ll say it to you instead.
Anywho, I still owe you a recap of last weeked.

Friday night we met at Elephant and Castle for dinner.  We had planned on participating in restaurant week and getting a nice dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse, but then I reminded Ben it’s Lent and he’s Catholic; so the whole going to a steakhouse and him not being able to eat steak; would have been really mean of me.  Thus, Elephant and Castle, which has a few locations downtown.  We LOVE their fish and chips, plus they have a good selection of English beers, so Ben was eager to try those in anticipation for the trip.

The symphony itself was utterly amazing.  We sat on the main floor towards the back, which were great seats, especially for the discounted price of $29 each that we (Ben) paid.  We saw On the Mediterranean, which featured the full orchestra.  Now, neither of us are into classical music (as in naming concertos or artists, usually) but we both enjoy listening to.  This was right up our alley.  During the first song my jaw literally dropped, it was SOOO cool.  After the song ended Ben turned to me and whispered “This is awesome!” and it was. The whole show lasted about an hour and 45 minutes but was absolutely stunning and really beautiful. 

Saturday and Sunday during the day we really bummed around the apartment, but Saturday night we ended up going out for dinner to Urban Burger Bar.  We’d never gone before, but it’s right off a train stop and it’s known for its selection of crew beer, so it was a win.  Door to door, I think it took us 11 minutes to get there (unheard of in Chicago).  We got there around 7pm and the wait was 30 minutes so we opted to sit at the bar.  Ben hit it off with the girl bartender, as in she knew her stuff about craft beer, meanwhile I was embarrassingly drinking a cider (I switched to beer after that, the first being Abita Purple Haze, which was good and slightly fruity).

We both got, you guessed it, burgers.  I opted for the natural range meat with bleu cheese and bacon. Delicious!  While it’s not as good as Bad Apple, it seems that burger bars are now becoming our thing. Hmm.

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