Friday, March 23, 2012

Quick Purchase

My sister says she feels like I’ve been shopping a lot.  I haven’t really, but I guess I can see how she thinks that.  I should probably stop shopping now; especially with the trip but that’s just a few days away so I’ll manage.
 I had an hour to kill last night before babysitting so I stopped in H&M and F21 and came out with just this blouse:

 I’m pretty proud of myself.  Not only was it a find at $9.95, but it’s also a top that I can wear for work or fun. Very practical of me, dontcha think?

 My mom’s general rule of shopping (allow she doesn’t follow it either), is that when buying something you should not need to buy something else in order to wear the first purchase and you should already own at least three things that you can wear with it.  So I have my coral skirt or black skirt I can wear with this, as well as black and pink cardi’s and blazers.  One thing I don’t have that I think would be cute is a yellow cardigan, but that’s okay. 

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