Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's OOTD

I definitely took full advantage of sleeping in this morning; which means I woke up at 6:07am.  Isn't that depressing, that's MAJORLY sleeping in for me.  Since it's supposed to be around 70 again, this was thrown on and not really planned out:

Cardi - Loft (I definitely wore this left week)
Cami - Nordstrom Rack
Skirt - Gap (old)

I'm trying to break these in for the trip. I currently have some
 blisters forming on each of my baby toes :O(

I know this is a pretty popular way to tie a belt; but I could not figure
it out until I stared at a girl on the bus last night and viola!

And my sleeping friend keeping me company!

It used to be that in the morning I'd feed Osc, let him potty out back and then he'd hop back in bed with Ben.  In the past two weeks I've started taking him to potty out front on a leash for a little walk and since that, he's been hanging out with me while I get ready.  He must like the walks and therefore me more! (Ben and I are constantly joking which of us is Osc's favorite)

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  1. cute doggie ^_^. You may want to check out my recent Dress For Less blog here:


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