Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I Wore (& Bought)

For two spring seasons now, I've LOVED the anorak/rain jacket look.  Last year I heed and hawed over buying one from Nordstrom Rack and decided against it.  Yesterday it was sprinkling in the morning and I saw a gazillion (okay, maybe ten at the most), khaki anoraks, so I was inspired to stop off at Nordstrom Rack to see what I could find.

Lucky for me, they had a huge rack of jackets similar to last season's, even the same brand (G.E.T.).  I deciding having liked them for two years, at $70 and having a hood, it was a worthwhile rain/spring coat.

The next issue was color...in fear that they would be gone, I ended up buying three colors and will return the two I decide against.  I got a red-orange, blue, and khaki:

 I'm torn since I just bought a pink trench (between the two of these styles, that's it, done with coat shopping!) if I want a bright color in this or not...but I also see the khaki so often that I don't want to "conform", so despite buying all three of these colors, I've decided I want the slate gray, the one color I didn't buy. Of course.  I'm going to walk over there during lunch and eat on my way so I can go during break.  Fingers crossed they have my size!

While I'm posting fashion, here's today's outfit (ps- I apologize for all of the pics in this post.  They're from my crappy phone!):

Shirt - Gingham from J. Crew Factory (Christmas '12 gift)
Skirt - Banana Republic (Fall '11)
Shoes - Mossimo's Pearce Pumps (Target)

Necklace - American Eagle (old!)
Earrings (not shown) - Tiffany silver beads
Nail polish - Essie Peach Daiquiri (awesome spring coral color!)

(Pic found on google)


  1. I love your outfit today! I have the same pumps from Target and LOOOVE them!

  2. Are those pumps comfortable? I have a nude/tan color pump from Nine West and the seam (for lack of a better word) split and the cobbler said it would cost $30/shoe to fix them! I only spent $60 or $70 on the darn pair! I think I'll probably just go buy a new pair :(

  3. Thanks Tamara!

    Amy- I LIVE in these shoes! The heel is just over 3", but pretty sturdy. This is my one pair of heels that I can wear and walk in and Ben doesn't tell me to walk faster :O)Plus obviously they're really neutral.

    I bought a half size up and was happy I did. Totally worth the $30! That stinks about your pumps; I hate when it costs just as much to alter or fix some as what you paid (or close to)/

  4. Awesome thanks! I know the feeling of being told to walk faster in heels :)


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