Tuesday, April 24, 2012

$15 off The Pill!

I just ran over to Walgreens during lunch to pick up a refill of my birth control.  My insurance doesn't allow me to get three months at a time in store (annoying); I can only do that via home delivery service, so unfortunately sometimes I have to spend some extra money to get it in store.  I take Ortho Tri-Cylcen Lo and for my insurance, in-store it's $37/month.  I could have sworn it used to be $30 but the pharmacist checked and I guess I paid $37 last time I bought in-store also.

He did give my a hint that there's a $15 off prescription manufacturer's coupon online and here it is.  It's good for up to 6 uses in 2012.  He even offered for me to come back tomorrow with the receipt and coupon and he'll give me the $15 back. Yay!

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