Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amsterdam: Day 2

Saturday we slept in and didn’t leave the apartment until about 12:30pm. We set off for the Van Gogh museum and stopped at the “I Amsterdam” sign on the way for a few pics.
How lucky is that; their initials in a row?!
Since R,D and A had all been to Amsterdam at least once, they opted not to pay to go into the Van Gogh museum (14E/person without audio guide), but Ben and I wanted to go.  We got there around 3pm and there was a decent sized line; luckily it moved quickly and within 15 minutes we were inside (however, my advice for anyone considering visiting would be to buy the tickets online in advance). Pictures weren’t allowed, but we saw some of his famous pieces like the Irises, self portraits, sunflowers, the potato eaters, etc.
Newest addition to Van Gogh
Museumplein; park area
Another shot (don't you love those trees?
They remind me of the dark and sad part of Lion King)
After the museum, we opted for some food in the park.  Ben and I shared a deliciously gluttenaeous “Chubby dog” (a hot dog with cheese and bacon) and a chocolate waffle. Yum! 
We wandered through Vondelpark, which reminded me of a Lincoln Park in Chicago or Central Park in NYC.  It had some nice paths and tons of people.  It was really pretty. We came across a French bulldog (my dream of the next addition to our family) who I was quite fond of.
After the park, we walked over to Heineken Brewery for the “experience”, but unfortunately we were 15 minutes late and they were no longer accepting entries.  Ben was slightly bummed, but the group kind of wrote it off as we all don’t really like Heineken that much and since it’s 16E/person to get in, it  just meant more beer money for us.  The rest of the night we just barhopped, including catching some of NCAA.
The best cheese sticks ever; wrapped in wontons!

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