Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amsterdam: Day 3

This was our last full day in Amsterdam and we still hadn’t  visited my #2 site – Keukenhof: the tulips! (#1 site being Anne Frank). Luckily R and A wanted to go as much as I did, so we convinced the other boys to join.  We started off the day with breakfast in the flower market, which was conveniently just a few blocks from the apartment. 
We had our first (and only) dutch pancake experience.  Ben ordered the ham and cheese, and I got the cinnamon-sugar and we shared.  They were tasty!
After breakfast we walked to the tourist information center, which is just outside of the Centraal train station.  Inside we were able to buy tickets for admission and transportation to Keukenhof (I think the combination ticket was 26E/person).  We also asked about the Ajax football/soccer game that was supposed to be in Amsterdam that night at 8pm, but unfortunately for us the women helping us was a complete moron and had no idea.  She typed it into Google and then said the game was already in progress (at 2:30pm).  We assumed that the game had been pushed up for some reason but Ben checked when we got back to the States and the game had been that night.  We could have gone! Bummer.
 Anyways, we took the train to Schipol Airport and then located the #58 bus to take us to the park itself.  We had a slight scare as Ben and D went into the airport to buy some water and in the meantime a bus arrived so R, A and I got on the bus, thinking it’d wait for more people.  Only it didn’t and we started to take off without the boys!  After a slight heart attack, we were able to get off the bus and go back to find the guys and wait for another.
The bus ride was said to be an hour, but it definitely didn’t feel like that.  The gardens themselves were beautiful!  The park had just opened the week before, so we were early in the season, but luckily there was still plenty of flowers blooming!
Keukenhof really was one of the highlights of Amsterdam.  If you have the opportunity to go during blooming season, I highly recommend it! Back in Amsterdam, We also had one of the food "delicacies"....cone fries!
And yes, I'm pretty sure that liquid is coming out of his weinerschnitzel
Before we capped off the night at the bars, we took an hour canal cruise (9E/person), which was really pretty and a nice end to this portion of the trip.


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