Friday, June 15, 2012

This Wknd

Hi there!  I'm quick finishing up my lunch and headed out the door to grab Ben from work to beat traffic on our drive back to our hometown!  We decided to go home this weekend for Father's Day; mostly because we hate going home in the summer (because there's so much to do in Chicago), I have the day off and Ben gets off at 1 so we can beat traffic and also because after the sad news in my office, it was a "don't take like for granted" reminder; so we should spend the time we have with our parents wisely!

It'll be Knucks first time there and also our first car ride with the two dogs together.  Praying it goes well and I don't have to ride with a 60lb Oscar in my lap the whole drive home!

I have a few projects I'm hoping for my mom to help me with that I'll have to post about (although I temporarily can't find my camera battery charger; boo). I also plan on hitting up Vonmaur for some *hopefully* good deals as well as laying out at my in-law's country club pool!

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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