Thursday, July 12, 2012

Phone Update (+deals)

Many of you commented that you don’t have 7-Eleven near you for your free slurpee!  You poor things. There’s one near the train stop I got off at for work, so yesterday during lunch I walked over to get my free slurpee for dessert. It was tasty on a hot sunny day! Ha, I even had a dream about a made-up 7-Eleven off the train stop near my apartment.  Dreaming about free slurpees, now that’s embarrassing!

Today is my work-Friday because of summer hours and I’m happy to report this work-week flew by!  I suppose that’s what happens when you take days off for the previous week though.  The worst is going to be next week, when I have a 5-day work week, poor me, right?

I also found out last night that my mom got her iphone and I realized I never updated you guys on the Verizon plan change that went into effect June 28th.  Father’s Day weekend we seriously spent almost two hours at Verizon.  My parents and I are all eligible for new phones right now and I didn’t want to pressure them into getting a new phone, but I wanted to make the most practical (read: least expensive) choice as to when to upgrade to an iphone.  It turned out to be enough of a push that my parents needs to commit to upgrading their phones too.  Our family plan will go from having one smart phone and one basic phone with data to having four smart phones and on the new plan system of shared data, it’s roughly the same cost.  So, as my mom put it, if it’s going to be the same cost and we’re going to get the newer technology, we’d be stupid not to do it!

Ha, but this was only after we convinced my mom that the iphone would be an upgrade to her flip phone.  She questioned the quality of the iphones camera compared to her 2.3 megapixel camera on her old phone and the Verizon clerk, as well as my dad and I, literally laughed in her face.  It’s an obvious upgrade. 

So, surprisingly enough, my mom, who does email but doesn’t really get technology, was the first to get her iphone.  Verizon offers a free class on how to use it (If you’re interested in learning about this, or maybe you need to guide a parent to one of these,  you can find the information here, although for some reason, I don’t see iphone on there, but I know it’s offered).

Now I think my mom gave me the kick in the butt I need to get my iphone this weekend; although I want to do some googling on iphone 5 first.  I have debated waiting for it to come out in Sept/Oct; but I’ve also seen rumors that they’re making the charging port smaller.  That would mean that all of the current accessories we have, like Bose docking speaker and car hook-up, wouldn’t fit on the new iphone 5 and if that’s the case, I’d definitely rather get 4S!

Here are today’s deals and steals:

·         Banana Republic: Through 7/15, BR/Gap/ON cardholders get 25% off entire purchase when shopping with card. Online use code BRTHANKYOU and print this for in store use

·         Barnes and Noble: 15% off online with code TFRLPCXRVWL2K and in store with coupon

·         Carson/BonTon/Boston Store/Younkers: 30% off one item in store coupon

·         Ebates: Tons of great doubled offers on rebates right now:

o   Macy’s: 6% back

o   Nordstrom: 5% back

o   Kohl’s: 6% back

o   Sephora: 8% back

o   J Crew: 6% back

o   See all offers here

·         Lodis: $40 for $100 online credit via bloomspot (my SIL and MIL are obsessed with Lodis!)

·         Victoria’s Secret: Free mini dog with PINK purchase in stores and online with code LOVEPINK

Local Deals:

·         M2 and M4 Men on Southport are having a sidewalk sale this weekend; print this for an extra 15% off

·         Perchance Boutique: July 16-22nd 

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  1. You will LOVE your iphone! I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to one a few months ago and I don't know why I waited so long.


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