Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wknd sat

Saturday morning, with Mr. Sister in town, we woke up with a plan to use mani/pedi YouSwoops downtown that I’d purchased earlier in the week.  While waiting for the train, I called to see what appointments they had open and was told they were booked solid.  Annoying.  Even more annoying that the same nail salon was currently selling Groupon Now (which are instant vouchers to be used on day of purchase; so essentially they couldn’t squeeze us in, but they were supposedly allowing people willing to pay more money to be seen with this Groupon Now deal).  Thus, we decided to go straight to brunch and make a plan while there. 

We lived in the ritzy Gold Coast neighborhood in 2008. One of our favorite brunch spots is Tavern on Rush.  If you can snag a patio seat, it’s the best.  I’d made 12:30 reservations on a whim and when we got there we were told the only availability was inside, which was fine.  My sister actually commented that she’d never ate inside before.  As usual, the food was delicious (I had Eggs Lolla with spinach and their fabulous chicken apple sausage; my sister had a Greek (tomato, spinach, feta) omelet). Yum. 

After feeling energized from our food, we bounced around from store to store.  I found an adorable dress at Juicy Couture; but as luck would have it, the sizing just didn’t work on me.  Because my sister is so much shorter, it worked perfectly on her.  Here’s the dress, although it’s cheaper in store (marked at $99.99 and 40% off made it just $60, which is a steal compared to the original price of $228!)
Before making our way down Michigan Avenue, we decided to stop at John Hancock to get a drink at the Signature Lounge, which is on the 96th floor.  Although  the wait at 2:30pm took about half an hour and the fact that our pineapple mimosas were $15 each, it was all well worth the view.

Looking Southeast
Our "old" rooftop is towards the top right in
 this pic (I sent it to Ben for a game of I Spy)
Looking South; Sears Tower at right; Trump in Middle

Looking north (We got engaged
on the far north peninsula)
From there, we walked to Nordstroms for me to look at the Anniversary Sale watches I was interested in (here); only for them to not be available in store (I guess it’s either a sign I’m not meant to get one; or that I’ll just need to decide and order online).  I also looked at the BP boots on sale (TERRIBLE quality) and the Frye Melissa Trapunto on sale (surprisingly without a zipper, they fit my large calves; but the fact that it took me 10 minutes to put on ONE BOOT was a big fat no).  Christian Dior had national makeup artists in store doing makeovers; so on a whim, we got our faces done! So fun! (PS- I LOVE their AirFlash foundation, but I’m not sure I can bring myself to pay $62 for foundation).

The rest of the night to be continued…

(PS- I apologize about the wonky formatting on this post and recent posts; I need to figure this out)


  1. Booo for them not having your watch :( I got mine on Friday! You should just order it online, it's free shipping!

  2. Plus ebates has 5% back!! Maybe I'll do that during lunch :O)


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