Monday, August 27, 2012

8/24 Wknd Recap

This weekend was absolutely fabulous.  Here's the recap folks:
This was probably the pitt of my weekend.  I drove to work so that I could leave from downtown to go pick up Slater from the vet in the 'burbs instead of taking my 45 minute commute home and then driving through traffic 30 minutes to where I'd get on the interstate from work. 
I left work at 3:45p, drove to vet, got Slater and got home around 8pm. Four hours in the car on a Friday night. So. not. cool.  I swore to myself several times that this is why we'd never want to live in the suburbs.
Anways, Mr. Slater was SO out of it.  I felt terrible for the little man. This was him going into the vet Thursday night:
and here he is getting picked up Friday night. Poor guy!
The rest of my night consisted of the 4B's: brats, beer, bulldogs and Braveheart. Cozy night in with my fellas!
We must be full grown adults now.  We went to bed around midnight and for whatever reason still woke up at 7am on Saturday.  After a run and trip to the gym, we decided to test out Heritage Bicycles, a local coffee and bike shop that opened a few months ago.  The iced salted caramel bourbon latte is amazing and their outdoor seating made it the perfect spot to spend a Saturday morning.
After getting some caffiene in my system, I got new running shoes (for half the price I'd spent on the pair I recently returned, yay!) and we biked to the beach to enjoy some of the hot and sunny 90-degree weather.
Still working on 50 Shades #2

After a few hours of sun, we went home to hang out with the pups and get ready for the night. On Friday I learned the most amazing news of all time, one of the Starbucks in our 'hood starting serving wine, beer and food. 
You know how much I love Starbucks. Add some wine in the mix and could it get any better?!  Thus, we started our night out off with drinks and an app from Starbucks.
Bacon wrapped dates anyone?
Since it was just Ben and I, we decided to make up our own bar crawl for some local spots we've been wanting to try out.  We started off with a BBQ dinner at Barn and Company.  The food portions were huge, but delicious.  And how cute are the mason jar mugs?!
Beef brisket
 Next stop was Barrelhouse Flat.  A newer bar that opened and has been getting rave reviews for it's broad mixed drinks menu.  I told the bar tendered I didn't do whiskey or bourbon and I liked mint and fruit.  She recommended a Pimm's Cup, which had gin, mint and strawberry. Very tasty and appropriate considering Pimm's is an English alcohol and given our trip and the Olympics.

Pimm's Cup
 The drinks were more than the cost our usual beer orders, at $11 each, but it was a fun atmosphere: old-fashioned, dark, crystal, jazz, etc and was a nice change.
"The Seaward"
An absinthe drink

Next up was Racine Plumbing.  This place opened last year and had rave reviews.  But for a Friday night, granted it was early around 7:30 or so, this place was dead.  I choose this stop for one reason and one reason only. FRIED OREOS! 3 for $4? Sold!
Fried Oreos

From there Ben choose Atlas Brewing, which opened a few weeks ago and as you guessed, is yet another brewery.  It was somewhat embarrasing.
Ben to bartender:  Do you have any beer flights?
Bartender: No, but we offer taste sizes of all of our beers.
Ben: Great, I'll take a taster of all of them.
The first 5 samples, of 9

After our flight at Atlas, we made one more pitt-stop at Witts beer garden before calling it a night.
Sunday morning I was up bright and early for a girl's day of fun!  Two of the girls I'd met for brunch recently, drove to Michigan City, Indiana outlets to meet three other ladies.  It was a blast!  We all "chat" online on a fashion board, so it was, as one put it, kind of like a blind date.  We all hit it off and had a great time chatting and shopping together.  I wish they lived closer so we could hang out more often!
Following the 10 hour trip to the outlets (I'll post my purchases soon), I was popped.  I came home to this, which was exactly how I felt.
Sleepy Slater
Overall, it was the perfect weekend! I hope you had a good one too! 



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