Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy or Sad?

I posted recently about ordering some Tory Burch boots from Nordstrom's anniversary sale.

They arrived on Friday and are absolutely gorgeous!! They have a great structure to them and the color is perfect. 

There's just one small problem....they don't zip!!!

I anticipated this happening but am slightly heartbroken.

The whopping price tag of $330 after tax would have been the most I've ever spent on shoes. 
However, this weekend Ben and I did head to Fleet Feet to both get a new pair of running shoes and I DID spent the most I've ever spent on a pair for shoes; ON RUNNING SHOES!!! How the hell one person (moi), spends $220 on a pair of Asics and insoles is beyond me.  It's somewhat depressing, but with all of my exercise I do want the appropriate shoe. I wore them around the apartment to break in and to the gym before doing a 5 mile run in them...and I now have blisters up and down the inner arches of BOTH feet.  I'm going to call to see if I'm allow to return. Ridiculous!

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